Marmaduke Dando's Best of Bowie 2

Marmaduke Dando’s Best of Bowie

Drinking from the half empty cup of human sorrow and melancholy, forlorn troubadour and GIITTV favourite, Marmaduke Dando, is imbued with the resigned aching of Kierkegaard, Scott Walker and Leonard Cohen. But it is the omnipresent spirit of the thin white duke himself who he feels the most at one with.

It’s not difficult to hear that influence in his last album Heathcliffian Surly (given a thoroughly top rated review by my good self). Bowie permeated through, what I described as: “…our troubled troubadour wistfully croons over a bare and deftly layered accompaniment of mournful piano, searing melodic violins, shuffling drums, and pronounced pining guitars, all swaying between a soundtrack of sorrowful ballads, Weimar epoch cabaret, and Balkan gypsy woe.”

Recently posted on his own personal musings rich blog, Marmaduke listed his picks from the Bowie back catalogue. He was kind enough to share this post with us, as part of our own special #BowieMonth celebrations.

David Bowie: Marmaduke Dando's best of bowie
“It seems everyone is getting very feverish over David Bowie right now, and with good reason. The man who has probably had the greatest effect over my cultural exploits in the last 20 years is about to release his 24th studio album ‘The Next Day’.

I thought I’d chip in with my own two pence and put together a playlist full of some of my favourite Bowie songs. Obviously a difficult thing to do when just about everything the man has ever released is to such a high standard, but still, a list of what always makes me swoon is compiled. Take a listen to this Best of Bowie playlist.”

Wild is the Wind
Word on a Wing
Always Crashing in the Same Car
Don’t Look Down
Young Americans (live on the Dick Cavett show)
As the World Falls Down
Modern Love
Boys Keep Swinging
Jump They Say
Aladdin Sane
Slow Burn
Where Are We Now?

You can catch up with all the goings on’s and upcoming news on Marmaduke (which is HERE)

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