Keys - Innocuous Beats EP (Sturm Und Drang)

Keys – Innocuous Beats EP (Sturm Und Drang)

Forming through a “mutual sense of not fitting in” Bury St Edmunds-based Keys have whole heartedly embraced a DIY aesthetic in order to further themselves. Relentless badgering of promoters has allowed the band to hone their sound and garner fans along the way while a penchant for eclectic indie grooves from the likes of LCD Soundsystem and The Fall has permeated the overall aesthetic upheld by Keys and leaked it’s way in to their music. After picking up the attention of Sturm Und Drang recordings the band release their début EP entitled Innocuous Beats, a somewhat misleading title given what is contained therein is nothing short of infectious.

Titular track ‘Innocuous Beats’ features enough caustic fuzz on the bass as to be labelled corrosive whilst a funk-influenced guitar glides effortlessly over the top in bizarre yet charming juxtaposition.The track brings to mind ‘Beat Connection’ by the aforementioned LCD Soundsystem particularly in the form of vocalist William Burns, whose under-produced vocal track provides an extra layer of texture in the form of a warbling voice that Jello Biafra would envy.

‘Hiding in the Smirks’ is the second track on Innocuous Beats and features more eviscerating fuzz, which is something of band staple. Here guitar and bass fight it out with a chunky riff that drives the song forward with belligerent simplicity. There’s far more vocal presence on this track that purports an almost 1980s vibe particularly as the song closes and Burns sees himself almost indebted to the hardcore bands of the 1980s.

The finally track included ‘Communication Tower’ is a slight departure from the first two songs, in that there’s a much larger amount of melody, making this easily the most accessible song on the record. A synth track features much more predominantly here defies you not to dance. Think DIY disco and you’re almost there. The bassline throughout the chorus compliments the silky synth, giving it an extra layer of depth whilst also serving to propel the song towards it’s conclusion.

Innocuous Beats is an EP is a short sharp jolt to the senses. Bass riffs laden with a fuzz that could melt your face. Guitars with an almost spatial awareness to them that punctuate the crackles at just the right moment and a funky enthused synth that acts as the counterbalance to the eviscerating bass. It’s quirky, and it’s raw and it’s music that you should be paying attention to.


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