Track Of The Day #354: Saint Max and The Fanatics - Afraid of Love

Track Of The Day #354: Saint Max and The Fanatics – Afraid of Love


Incoming on the Armellodie imprint the debuting wax platter from Saint Max and The Fanatics is quite frankly all over the shop 11 track corker which no doubt during whose frantic 36 minute duration will enter your headspace, ransack it and leave it feeling as though its been partying hard into the wee small hours. We’ve fired off missives for review copies though not before spoiling ourselves by tuning into the opening brace of cuts that serve as the welcoming entrée to ’Saint Max is missing and the fanatics are dead’ – and lets just say – our appetites are a whetted for opening salvo finds max and the fanatics manically mulching on what sounds like a cross wiring ’Johnny, remember me’ waylaid by the brass bombastic of a ‘Geno’ era Dexy’s headed up by Lupen Crook and bedecked in all manner of dead eyed accessorising and rearing up at your door like a sharp suited soul scalped buzz boy slamming out smoked Swansway recitals.

For its part ‘Afraid Of Love’ is a prime time Buzzcockian affair possessed of an unerring knack of going off radar and blossoms into to 50’s crimped country torch forays much admired one time upon grooves whose cover jacket proudly beamed the name the Orson family. Can it get any cooler. Expect plenty more words like that soon…….

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