Preaching From The Pews: Eight Rounds Rapid

Preaching From The Pews: Eight Rounds Rapid

With a support slot on Wilko Johnson‘s farewell tour daubing them as ones to watch emerging Southend four piece Eight Rounds Rapid are the incendiary missing link between the oft over looked era of pub rock of the likes of Dr. Feelgood the protest punk of the likes of the UK Subs or Sham 69 and the razor sharp angular sound of Wire. Providing a sneering modern social commentary by way of caustic, knowing vocals and a rhythmic kick in the arse for a music scene that’s too often in awe of timid music that is the aural equivalent of NHS waiting room wall paper.

EightRoundsRapid hooked the attention of BBC DJs after the release of there début EP, Dostoyevsky in March 2013. They first caught my ear with the wonderful ‘Channel Swimmer’ video below, that’s brutal serrated punk-rhythm and observational polemic is brilliant, the chanted chorus lines ‘come what may for everyone that stays another will find a way!’ possess violent nihilistic undertones.

Their new single ‘Writeabout’ sinewy guitar lines, and caustic rhythmic jolts are foraged through by the twisted vocals of David Alexander that are positively spat out and into the face of tabloid culture. Alexander weaves murky stories of urban underlie songs such as Kix, Eight Rounds Rapid firebrand refrains and melodic hooks are impossible to ignore!

Eight Rounds Rapid’s new single is a limited edition 7″ vinyl release – and the only format that Writeabout will ever be available on. The flip side Steve with its Dury-esque sense of spite and menacing strutting guitar licks, is long-haul live fan favourite.

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