HAIM – ‘Days Are Gone’

HAIM – ‘Days Are Gone’


‘Their music sounds a bit like folk-rock with a few R&B/hip-hop stylings thrown in for good measure’

Thanks Wikipedia for your Wildean critique of Haim’s sound. I’ll help them out. If you didn’t think Fleetwood Mac were boring, over-produced, soulless aural wallpaper after 1973, Haim are the girls for you.

And what the fuck does that title mean? Where have the days gone? Can anyone find them? What are we going to do about it?!

Standout track appears to be ‘Don’t Save Me’. To quote Spinal Tap, as I can’t seem to find the words: ‘This one’s just a two word review: Shit sandwich’.

It’s the Del Rey Effect again. Aim manipulated, willing, camera-friendly female firstly at alt audience – when you have sapped that market to the point of murderous irritation, gloss the whole fucking thing up and sell it to the Samsung Kids.

One important difference between Fleedwood Mac, Lana Del Rey and Haim is the existence of songs. Del Rey has at least two, Fleetwood, five or six. Haim don’t actually have any songs, but released an album anyway.

None of this really matters but for the sheer scale of it. Jay Z’s management team and their major record labels try to dress Haim up as the new Hole or L7, knowing full well the band is far more Tiffany fronting Destiny’s Child. Yep, that good.

Two Door Cinema Club, Swim Deep, Chvrches, now Haim. Please, please, please, for the love of god, stop.

[Rating:1] (for ‘Rumours’)

7 thoughts on “HAIM – ‘Days Are Gone’

  1. how is this considered a critical review? this is the most worthless piece of writing i’ve ever read. why even do this if this is what you produce?

  2. I don’t particularly like Haim (don’t particularly hate ’em either) but this is a terrible piece of writing. Not funny, not having any depth, no real analysis. It just shows the authors prejudice.

    1. Fair enough it is subjective but you presume reviews have to have depth and analysis though? They don’t. If you look around the site there are lots of different styles of articles too.

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