The Moth & the Flame - '&' EP 5

The Moth & the Flame – ‘&’ EP


The Moth & the Flame is not the start to a new children’s fable, but in fact a three piece alternative rock band from Provo Utah. Now based in Los Angeles they have been claiming rights to many new music fans with their impressive live set along with their 2011 début album and their latest EP.

Released on the 16th December 2013, this six track EP with the simple title of, &, is to assist in their evolution as a band. This EP takes on a different approach from their self titled début album back in 2011. A new producer has come onboard along with Andrew Tolman their new drummer. Finishing off a UK and European tour with their home town mates Imagine Dragons will only open the eyes of more listeners. The melancholic feel to their tunes has a place within the music world.

The EP begins with ‘Sorry’, reminiscent of Blur, even so, this is where the groove starts; with the beat it is constant the flow that catches the light. It’s an upbeat song which is a perfect start for this EP. ‘Winsome’ is next up, not one of the strongest tracks but there’s an 80’s feel to it with an electronic sound with a slight taste of U2 and Bono.

The track that really had a lot of might is ‘Silver Tongue’; the energy coming from the sound is immense. The constant flow of the vocals makes it difficult to understand  the lyrics are, but the feeling and emotion is there. The chattering children does make a good addition to the middle of the track,  this then helps it move on to another level.

With the constant drum beat to Monster’ this suits the track extremely well, along with the vocals, this gives a much deeper vibe compared to the previous tunes.  If you want to try your hand at not dancing, sit at a bar and centre metre head-bang to the tune. This is an impressive track, and a good start for someone who is a novice.

‘Holy War’ the final track of this EP, has a beautiful sentimental feel to it, the haunting vocal style of Brandon Robbins is catchy. The operatic music playing in accompaniment gives the impression moving emotion; there is a Radiohead charm to it, – time goes by in conjunction with the sound, the minutes flying by.

& is one of those EPs that whilst playing the thoughts in your head can be caught; this is a soulful melodic group of songs. Radiohead interloped with a bit of David Bowie comes to mind. The Moth & the Flame are moving onwards and upwards with this release. This is a EP to relax to, chill, and let the music surround you with it’s pleasurable embrace.

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