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INTERVIEW: Simone Denny

Toronto’s Simone Denny, the former lead vocalist of Love Inc. shares her soul with God Is In The TV about life growing up, of winning talent contests, singing the theme tune to a hit TV show and one day hopefully singing on a Bond film. Sit back and read the wonderful story of a beautiful vocal talent.

Thank you Simone for taking time to answer our questions, for readers who may not be too familiar with you; can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born and raised in Toronto Canada to Guyanese parents. I’ve been lucky enough to have success in a few different genres of music however I’m best known as the former lead vocalist of Love Inc. particularly for the Dance Anthem You’re a Superstar. I am now returning to live music retro Soul/R&B music which is the genre started my career in. Your Love Fades Away is the first release from my new project and I am super excited about it!

You won a talent contest in sixth grade what did this do for you?

It was a talent show to promote school pride and school spirit not a competition. I received a standing ovation after my performance. So many people gave such enthusiastic feedback it made me realize I actually had a talent to share with people. People really enjoyed hearing me sing. I sang for two more talent shows at my grade school and got the same response year after year.  I can honestly say it was because of those shows in the early days that triggered a serious interest in music for me. I enjoyed the energy rush from the audience and feeling free on stage.

What gives you motivation to get up every day and sing your soul?

Wow what a cool question! I simply LOVE music! I LOVE to sing! I love that it allows me to connect with people worldwide. It is all about energy and connection.

You were a member of Love Inc., what was that experience like with the fame and attention it brought?

It was a truly amazing experience to be part of Love Inc. Having had the chance to sing an anthem like You’re A Superstar is rare. It’s a song that no matter where I go worldwide people know it. I’m still asked to perform it! It’s very humbling when fans come up to me to tell me the stories of how that song positively affected their lives. For me that’s the best part.

After the split with Love Inc. how did this change you as a person and a performer? 

The split didn’t really change or affect me as a person. But I did learn a lot about how the industry works. But it was necessary and time to move on in my career. It also gave me the opportunity to do other projects and expand as an artist.

You finally released your solo debut album, what can your fans expect from this?

The fans can expect that they will get to hear the same passion and power that I have always brought to any project I’ve sung on. This time they get to experience another side of me. Great music as always! Something that will speak to their soul on another level; the influence of iconic singers on my style. This is where the power and the passion came from. Its a return to a style that I grew up listening to. My parents played a lot of different styles of music. I remember hearing a lot of Ben E. King, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, The Temptations, The Stones, The Beatles and Jerry Lee Lewis and these are just a few I could go on and on! It’s been an amazing experience working with Adam Sewell and Justin McWilliams and the entire Stereo Dynamite team. Each recording session has been incredible. One of the best experiences of my career to date. It will definitely reflect on the album.

Listening to your latest single Love Fades Away felt like a perfect opener to a James Bond film, out of the Bond films which song stood out for you the most? 

Yes it does and I am a HUGE bond fan! But it’s purely coincidental. I have a few Favorite Bond Themes. Golden EyeTina Turner, Live and Let DiePaul McCartney and SkyfallAdele. And as a side note if anyone from the Bond team is reading this and is fan of my music… I would definitely be open to singing a Bond theme song.

How did the chance to sing on the credit for queer eye for the straight guy (Canadian TV Show)?

At the time I was asked to do theme song I was doing a club tour in the US. A club anthem called I Don’t Want You (Coming Back No More) on Nervous Records was a huge hit on the US circuit particularly in New York. The writers and producers of that song are Canadian and they asked me to do vocals for the track. Again a great experience! The show was on the NBC/Bravo network and exploded over night. The song was so catchy radio stations started playing it as part of their regular rotation. I had the chance to perform on the Sharon Osbourne show and the song was on an episode of South Park which was pretty cool.

Favourite lyric you have written and why? Also a lyric from another performer that you felt you wished to have written? 

There are so many songs that I love and that move me…..honestly I couldn’t begin to pick just one!

Any plans for a tour in the UK/Europe?

Definitely! I absolutely love the UK and Europe.  I just did a show in Glasgow and Ayr in Scotland last September. Such a great crowd! I’ve had so much support from Europe over the years anytime they call me for a show… I’ll be there!

Will you continue to try different styles with your musical talent, as dance pop has moved to the slink style of soul, what would you like to be next for you? 

The key to my success as a vocalist is that I am always open to music. My musical tastes are very eclectic. I keep an open mind. I embrace it. I am blessed to have a voice and sound that lends itself to many different genres of music. I started singing in Catholic school choirs. My formal voice training was operatic. I grew up singing and listening to all forms of R&B, Soul and Caribbean music as a child. Joined a Hip Hop Group. Sung in an American Gospel Music Musical. Had my biggest success singing Dance and House Music. Opened for Gwar with a Canadian metal band called Damn 13 and now I’m going back to Retro R&B and Soul music so who knows what I’ll be singing years from now! I’m open to where the journey takes me. Caribbean music, Dance Music and Soul Music an will always be a big part of who I am as an artist. For me they are all intertwined.

If you were able to sing with two people alive or passed on, whom would they be and why? 

It would have to be Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin. Their voices are sheer perfection. Just to be in there presence would be an honour.

There is a bustling musical scene in Toronto and Canada who at present would you like to see more or hear more of? 

Me!  How about that! lol

In ten words what does music mean to you?

My answer is over 10 words but it is heartfelt

Music for me means love, freedom, connection, passion, energy and peace. I am truly blessed to be part of it.


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