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Two Skies – Red (EP)

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Everything about this is big. Not just satisfied with having one, the name of the band is Two Skies. And their huge sound fills just about every inch of both.

On first hearing, the guitar, bass and drums of Two Skies appear to be configured in an orthodox Echo and the Bunnymen and U2 post-punk format until, that is, you realise the celestial spheres in which the trio soar have been crop-dusted with the mescaline of modern psychedelia. Imagine ‘The Cutter’ drowning in peyote and you can start to envisage opening song ‘(In Flight) Hyperventilation’ long before you even begin to hear the thunderous gallop of its grooves coming over the horizon. “I’m in love” sings Dan Cutts, and you can start to understand the reasons why.

‘Motorway’ is surely Two Skies very own private Hochweg zur Hölle. A juggernaut of kosmische musik it careers along their personal autobahn carrying all the highly flammable threat of that ominous gas tanker in Spielberg’s classic thriller, Duel. ‘Tonight’ is another point at which the atom of cosmic rock is split, spilling itself out in an avalanche of cascading guitars and voice. And after the white-out of this triple sonic blizzard, the relative calm of concluding song ‘Slow Train’ offers some welcome shelter from the storm.

With Red, Sheffield’s Two Skies are now ready to move out of the shadows of previous support slots with Toy, Wooden Shjips, Ultrasound and Howling Bells and announce themselves on a much bigger stage.

Two Skies EP Red will be released on 24th March 2014 and available from all good digital stores.

T O U R   D A T E S 

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