Temples Vs Jagwar Ma: RSD14

Temples Vs Jagwar Ma: RSD14

Guaranteed to be the cause of much fevered interest this RSD14 are three specially cobbled together releases from the Heavenly imprint. Following on from last year’s highly sought after remix exchange between Toy and the Horrors, the label have rekindled the formula this time pairing together Temples and Jagwar Ma for a 1000 only 12 inch picture disc extravaganza.

First up Jagwar Ma’s Jonah Ma sets to work rewiring Temples debuting cut ’Shelter Song’ into a delicious dubbed up and tripping head expanding listening experience which gets craftily rephrased in Madchester mosaics and emerges the other side like a fat n’ funky subtronic cutie sounding like the Paris Angels with New Fast Automatic Daffodils flashbacks. Repaying the favour Temples’ James Bagshaw showers Jagwar Ma’s ’Man I Need’ in all manner of intergalactic space dust and services it with an acutely absorbing cosmically warped hymnal haloing that many visiting cosmic cadets might just decide to stay and lose their headspace in .

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