Preaching From The Pews: The Penelopes

Preaching From The Pews: The Penelopes

Simply adored this lots remix of the Cure’s ‘Just like Heaven’ , now fresh from that (having hit the heady heights of #5 on the hype machine chart) The Penelopes return to the fray to demur and delight discerning dansettes with a spot of 80’s electro pop time tripping courtesy of their pour le monde imprint released ‘Time to Shine’.

The source inspiration for the song was according to the press blurb ‘a desire to strive for something better and to discover the optimism in the most desperate of circumstances’ – something which we clearly ascribe to here though sadly to floundering results. A bit of a pocket rocket this, as said all trimmed in the radiating glow of 80’s electro effervescence and a tad teased to a pristine pop acuteness that mainlines directly to the stormy eye of a hulking sound clash embarked upon by White Rose Movement and a melodically muscular minded Human League. Dust the blighter in a trimming of star glazed nocturnally hued euro pop chic all fired upon an 80’s Moroder matrix and you have yourself a pulse racing lunar laced stand against adversity that ought to sit neatly next to those prized Noblesse Oblige platters.

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