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EofE are a four-piece made up of Tom Harris (Vocals) Dan Bremner (Guitar/Backing Vocals) Luke Bradley (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Nicky Waters (Drums) who make classic cross-over rock. Hailing from the Black Country (their feet firmly planted in rock tradition) they are a new take on what went before. I caught up with them just before they hit the stage in front of 5000 fans in Cardiff.

When, and how did you guys get together?

TH – Well, Dan, Luke and I had been together in a band for two years with various names and line up changes. Nicky our drummer joined us in February and everything has pretty much fallen into place.

Musically, how would you describe yourselves?

NW – We’ve been described as cross-over rock, I would add that we are very much guitar driven with a commercial appeal. We want to reach a wide audience and I think what we write and perform encapsulates that. We bring big riffs and big chorus’s that you can shout along to that gets everyone involved.

What’s life like out on the road with McBusted?

LB – It’s a good experience being out on the road with them, and seeing them do their stuff. We’re having a good time and enjoying the crowds reaction to our songs.

What do you think of the UK music scene at present, and where do you think you fit in?

DB – Our fans tell us we have the sound and look that they want from a band, I think the music industry is now leaning more towards guitar music with bands such as The Vamps, and I think that’s a positive thing.
Are you planning on any festivals this year? Or is it straight back into the studio after this tour ends?

DB – We head literally straight back into the studio once this tour ends to record some more tracks. As for more live dates, we are hoping to head out towards the end of the year on a headline tour. Although you can see us at Pop Fest on June 15 when we will take a small break from recording.

What can we expect from your debut album?

LB – As you know we’re still in the process of writing and recording it, so hopefully if there is demand for it, it should be out sometime next year. We won’t release it until we are happy with it, we don’t want to look back thinking we could have done better.

When writing, is it the lyrics or music that comes first and is it a collaborative process?

TH -Well, what happens is someone will have an idea and bring it forward to the band. Obviously being the singer I like to write a lot of the words Once a basic idea is down, we will say to each other, why not try this, or add that and that’s pretty much how we write. It has to have everyone’s input to make an EofE song.

Have you discussed possible album titles yet?

EofE – To be honest with you, not really as such. We were thinking of letting it come to us organically, rather than forcing something. One day we will wake up, have a light bulb moment and it will be there.

What can we expect tonight in Cardiff

EofE – A pumped up show to blow your ears off!


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