Preaching From The Pews: Snails

Preaching From The Pews: Snails



Forthcoming on the celebrated Great Pop Supplement imprint where it’ll arrive packaged eye catchingly on limited numbers of 7 inch wax, the second single from Bristol based Snails has been the cause of much raised eyebrows, approving nods and more often than not the sound of audible coos.

Utterly smitten by this I don’t mind saying, sitting somewhere between ‘Tigermilk’ era Belle and Sebastian and a youthful Tindersticks emerges ‘Talking to Anthony.’  A distracting and decidedly out of step gem that weaves its way, catching you on your blind side whereupon its autumnal flavourings set up camp to sweetly arrest with their bountiful floral harvest of surrendering string sighs and lolloping rambles. In a way we’ve rarely heard done with such sublime sleight of hand since the days of Hey Paulette were found peppering the playlists of late 80’s John Peel broadcasts.

Over on the flip don’t be fooled by its title as ‘Winter Hearts’ is a sweetly irresistible spring hued 60s trimmed soft psych folk folly brimming with Bacharach-ian sunbursts and purring aplenty of L’Augmentation accents: all piped with hip kissing shimmies and feel good effervescence.

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