Clark Kent's Rock and Roll Revue XI: B Movie Thieves Playlist

Clark Kent’s Rock and Roll Revue XI: B Movie Thieves Playlist

B-MovieThieves_7088-620x264B Movie Thieves have pointed Clark Kent a.k.a John Clay towards some cool bands, some of which he ought to have checked out ages ago. Perhaps some of these groups have passed you by? Or maybe you’ve been enjoying them for some time now? Whatever the case, it’s great to listen to music selected by a good band. Enjoy!

Playlist includes: Cold in Berlin, Cate Le Bon, Fidlar, Temples, The Dirtbombs and many more.

New video playlists EVERY Wednesday and Sunday. Eat your heart out.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out this weeks chat with Ned Dylan!

Pic by Chris Patmore

Ned Dylan is a 14-year-old acoustic punk artist whose 2015 is looking to be his best year yet. With a track record for leaving lasting impressions on crowds at places such as The Secret Garden Party, Beautiful Days and even Glastonbury with his memorable high energy performances, he’s also received critical acclaim from the likes of Huey Morgan (Fun Loving Criminals), Virtual Festivals and Tom Robinson among others.

Hello readers/viewers! Welcome to the most public FB message thread, ever! May I once again present to you the incredible wide-eyed talent of Ned Dylan!

Clark Kent: O.K … In ‘Limbo’ you sing ‘And while you were talking slang you were pretending to understand I was learning about the greatest ever Rock ‘n’ Roll bands And I know it’s not special to not fit in anywhere. And as to what you think mate, well I don’t care’ Do you feel estranged from kids your age, seeing as for the most part, school is the main thing in their lives, whilst your life is well … more comprehensive!

Or are you undecided on what I suspect is estrangement? Are you really happy in limbo?

Ned Dylan: I think that while I’ve learnt a lot at school (maths, science etc.), going to festivals and meeting the people I meet can only be eye-opening. And the stuff I’ve learnt in the fields are things I could never have learnt at school.

CK: Ah, life experience … my favourite teacher! You speak of education out of school but I was curious about my interpretation of one of ‘Limbo’s’ stanza’s: in short, how do you relate to others your age? Are you caught in a limbo between the world of adults and the young?

ND: When I used the word limbo, I meant it to be outside of everyday grind and routine.

CK: Ah, I see. Seems I read far too deep into that one. Tell me about the band you work with. How did you come by them?

ND: I have a few different line ups. The one I use most often is a band in their own right – Abdoujaprov!


CK: Abduwhat? Curious as to what that name means?


ND: Les loves cycling so he named the band after his favourite cyclist –

CK: Les?

The man behind Abdou is the brilliant and lovely Les Fruitbat Carter (of 90’s duo Carter – the unstoppable sex machine)!


CK: No way!


ND: Yes way! It’s really surreal. He’d been coming to my gigs at the festivals and I told him I needed a band and ended up nicking his.



ND: Abdoujaparov are brilliant!

CK: Ever tempted to stick to one line-up?

ND: Yeah, it’s more about who’s available so it’s handy to have a few line ups as everyone’s busy with loads of other projects as well as mine.


CK: Of course, that makes sense. O.K, last question:

1) You’re on a desert island … you can have three famous guests and three L.P’s.

ND: Haha! Is this a very disappointing party with great guests or a really good radio show with a rubbish rider?

CK: Mate…You’re on a desert island…maybe forever…pick wisely!

ND: It’s really hard to pick – I’m getting there

CK: It’s a tough question mate. Glad I’m not answering it.

ND: Kate Tempest – The Beigeness Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks would be my LP’s.

CK: Go on …

ND: Only because they are probably my favourite things to listen to.


CK: I’d love to meet Patti Smith (again), Pete Doherty and Bob Dylan or Mick Jagger (hard to pick)!

CK: You know what they say about meeting your heroes. You sure about that list?

ND: Yeah I’ve met some of my heroes! It’s amazing! Always meet your heroes!

CK: Oh yeah? I flit between wanting to preserve their apparent omniscience and wanting to get close and figuring them out. Glad to have met you … kind of! Next time we shall chat about your other projects (radio/articles). For now, you must rush back to them!

ND: “Glad to have met me…. kind of” – haha. Wouldn’t compare meeting me to meeting your heroes. Look forward to it. See you next week.

CK: Mate, at the risk of patronising you (again) I find it rather heroic that you can do all you do at your age. Truly, it is an honour. To be continued!

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