Track Of The Day #790: Susanna – Burning Sea

Track Of The Day #790: Susanna – Burning Sea

In April, the Norwegian singer, composer and pianist Susanna (Wallumrød) will release Triangle, her 11th album in a recording career that can be traced back to 2004 and her work with the Magical Orchestra. ‘Burning Sea’, the first single to be taken from the record heralds its arrival.

Written by Susanna in Los Angeles, by the end of its evocative 135-second trajectory, ‘Burning Sea’ finally emerges emotionally intact out of the glitter and smog of that great big vacuous, beautiful Southern Californian city. Over a sparse, claustrophobic electronic backdrop Susanna’s voice swims fearlessly against the tide of LA’s many contradictions. And it is the sheer undiluted purity and strength of her voice that ensures she makes it safely back to shore.

Triangle will be released on the 22nd of April 2016 on SusannaSonata

Photo credit: Anne Valeur


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