Lola Colt - Twist Through The Fire (Black Tigress Records)

Lola Colt – Twist Through The Fire (Black Tigress Records)

Quite why Lola Colt decided to take their name from a sub-standard 1967 spaghetti western, I have no idea. But then again, I am equally as stumped as to why anyone eats Pot Noodle. Perhaps, I’m just no longer in tune with the ways of the world. If I’m honest, I don’t really understand this particular version of Lola Colt either, a band morbidly confusing as they relentlessly mix and mash musical genres whilst somehow managing to remain proficient throughout. I ought to dislike them; but I don’t,

Now on their second album, Twist Through The Fire first hit my radar with the single Gold, which I assumed would offer a portent of things to come being an over-dramatic Eighties goth homage. I was so convinced this would turn out to be yet another attempt at gloom revision that I even played goth buzzword bingo. Sure enough, Jesus gets his first mention at 1 minute 30 secs and Heaven isn’t far behind at 3:31. The hulking percussion and ethereal vocals of Gun Overbye had me hooked and reaching for the eye liner and reminscing over the Skeletal Family. However, this immediate reaction just demonstrates how wrong a simple soul like me can be, for the rest of Twist Through The Fire flits like a magpie stealing from all the best musical nests.

‘Dead Moon Jeopardy’ lightens the mood and harks back to the days of Ghost Dance with a bassline which had me convinced The Fall were about to break into ‘LA‘ at any moment. ‘Eagle‘ brings the musical references more up to date with a stomp that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs spent years trying to perfect with Overbye a lyrical dead-ringer for Karen O. Three tracks in and I’m wondering where we’re heading next, I’m genuinely perplexed yet salivating at every note. The title track is an opus in itself, almost 10 minutes of slow burning psychedelia which relentlessly hammers away at you until there is no option other than to sit back and let the might of it envelop you like an army surplus tent.

‘Kilimanjaro’ and the instrumental ‘Moksha Medicine‘ are drenched in North African mystique, allowing a fleeting glimpse into a brighter, more colourful landscape. Quite what the collective Lola Colt record collection comprises of is anyones guess but on this evidence it must be one hell of a weird journey. Either that, or they have partaken in one Pot Noodle too many. The standout track, ‘Moonlight Mixing‘ is a time travellers wet dream, providing you want to visit a time of perfect 60s psych and quite frankly, who doesn’t? Of course, it lasts for a full seven minutes and the Hammond organ is smashed over your head until you damn well listen.

Lola Colt are many things, hopefully to many people. There is an intensity to them which I am told, is only enhanced by their live performance. There are tracks on Twist Through The Fire which should only be heard on a boat approaching Cairo, similarly, the darker tracks need to be consumed in a Whitby dungeon. I am usually quick to criticise any artist spewing so many musical genres at once but not here, this is a tour de force. Let it hypnotise you. Now.

Twist Through The Fire is released on July 1st on Black Tigress Records


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