PREMIERE: SPC ECO - Silent Maybe 2

PREMIERE: SPC ECO – Silent Maybe

SPC ECO (featuring the talents of Dean Garcia, famously of Curve, and singer Rose Berlin) released their new album Anomalies earlier this month. If last year’s long player Dark Matter was warmly received, then their new album journeys further into the heart of their dark alt pop universe.

As a teaser we have a premiere for the album track ‘Silent Maybe’, a bubbling beat, rippling reverb and glacial synths frame this sinister yet alluring melancholic pop gem. Its how Dubstar might sound if their songs were played by the Cocteau Twins, its ‘perfectly at home while destroying your day.’

Here’s what Rose & Dean say about Silent Maybe
(Rose) ‘It’s really interesting listening back to this album now to try and explain and give a bit of insight into these songs, as I can hear what I was going through at the time. With this song in particular it’s clear to me now that I was really sad. My life had changed a lot and it was exciting at first but I can hear in this song the moments when this new way of life became normal and every day. I can hear how reality had started to set in and cracks had started to appear. I think a “silent maybe” is an unspoken truth that you can’t quite admit to yourself yet, It builds up and the darkness runs out of places to go and you realise it’s just the same as before….DARK!!!! lol’

(Dean) ‘Poor Rose, brutally struck by the ordinary everyday grind of despair that life has a way of showing us. I’m convinced of the recurring theme as to the reason we make these songs, it is a therapy that we both need to understand and deal with things that gestate in the mind.

Sonically this track has a bite n kick to it, it’s also one of the most dense pieces we’ve done in a while, I went into the guitars a bit with this one, still leaning on the downbeat thing, I just got a bit wall of sound in the chorus which is always fun. Monti added some noisy old school Superblaster fills as well which is always good. This track stands on it’s own with the over scheme and setting of the record but we do enjoy a step into the big noisy band thing now and then.’

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