Track Of The Day #1060 - MMODE - Waiting In The Desert

Track Of The Day #1060 – MMODE – Waiting In The Desert

I know what you want. You want a track that captures the gorgeous, dreamy minimalism of The Sundays but laced with a powerhouse beat that sounds like Reni has leapt from his bar stool, frantically trying to exorcise the horrors of the most recent Stone Roses records from his mind. Right?

MMODE provide all that and more. The duo is made up of Irish siblings Lucy and Thomas Gaffney and seems to have imbibed all the best ingredients of contemporary music from the past two and a half decades. Perhaps Saint Etienne were something of a touchstone for their debut single too? ‘Waiting In The Desert‘ certainly has that introspective yet gloriously sunny feel to it anyway, though I’m writing this during a torrential downpour and the record fits that particular vibe too, bizarrely enough.

A self-produced release, Thomas had this to say about their first outing: “’Waiting In The Desert’ was the track that first sparked the writing process. Originating from a simple folk song written by Lucy on an acoustic guitar, it evolved in the studio, encapsulating the vision and sound of MMODE.

If ‘Waiting In The Desert‘ really DOES encapsulate the vision and vision and sound of MMODE, then come the time that the album eventually drops, it would suggest that we really do have something to be genuinely excited about here. This is truly exquisite.


  1. You know what I want? I want new bands who interest me, not new bands who remind me that the Sundays and Stone Roses were two incredible bands from my youth who I should listen to more often.

    I actually really like this song, I just don’t see the point and am utterly disinterested in ever hearing it again. Gut feel that this is why they will never sell any records despite being damn good.

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