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NEWS: Future of The Left share ‘Robocop 4 (F*ck off Robocop)’ from live video

Future of The Left have released the video and audio download of their new live album Live At The Garage, London 18.12.16. For a taste of the video, you can watch them play ‘robocop 4 (fuck off robocop)’ now below:

The video and audio download of their first live album is out now. Due to massive support from fans, the band will also release a DVD of Live At The Garage, London 18.12.16 later this month, on 31st August.

When it was announced earlier this month, future of the left’s Andrew Falkous had this to say:

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No (and neither of those are downloadable) it’s a FUCKING LIVE VIDEO. Yes, after years of threatening it future of the left have only gone and got themselves filmed in London, of all places, recording the sound properly as well just in case anyone wants to listen at the same time. It is 1 hour 25 minutes long, recorded entirely live (unlike most other ‘live’ albums that might have lied their way into your record collections) and contains a variety of songs, including two barely credible mclusky re-hashes and nineteen libertines covers (one of these is a lie). Available as a video file (with separate audio download fer yer fancy robot walkman) from HERE and audio only from HERE, which is a place where bands LITERALLY go to CAMP.

Seriously, I can see Massive Attack out there now, using the chemical toilets and complaining about the brand of hand sanitiser the camp management have got in which, to be fair, is cheap and has an awful odour.



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the limits of battleships
beneath the waves an ocean
reference point zero
you need satan more than he needs you
eating for none
if at&t drank tea what would bp do?
without msg i am nothing
robocop 4 – fuck off Robocop
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french lessons / lapsed catholics / lightsabre cocksucking blues

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