EXCLUSIVE: Tunabunny ‘Nevermind The Cobblestones’ Video Premiere

Tunabunny released their latest album ‘PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr’ through HHBTM Records earlier this year. Today, we have the premiere for the video for the single ‘Nevermind the Cobblestones’.

Here’s what the band say about the track: “Tbunny embraces their love of Fleetwood Mac. This one dances across the idea of geopolitical dread. Thinking of death & internment camps has never sounded so fun! Brigette wanted the ending to do a thing like the end of Rudderless by the Lemonheads, but the band wasn’t able to make it happen. Stupid band.”

A 75-minute double-vinyl PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr, is the fifth album from Athens, Georgia’s Tunabunny, Featuring singles like ‘Incinerate,’ ‘The Rest of Us,’ and ‘Nevermind the Cobblestones,’ the band takes their experimental rock into a place that is both stranger and more accessible than anything they’ve done before. It’s ferocious, passionate, smart. political, desperate, feminist, and alive. Every song is important.

28 songs structured as a song-by-song response to The Beatles’ White Album (there’s even an experimental track called ‘Revolution None’), PCPPAIWJR is packed w/hits, and packed w/originality. On PCPPAIWJR, Tunabunny proves they can do anything. It takes the sonic breakthroughs of 2014’s Kingdom Technology to a place that’s less claustrophobic and more open. Songs about surveillance, songs about futility; songs about alchemy & winter, metamorphosis & anger. Side Four features a twisting song cycle about motherhood—from pregnancy to birth, through postpartum emotional desolation, to the rebirth of self.’

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