Blossoms - Cool Like You (Virgin EMI)

Blossoms – Cool Like You (Virgin EMI)

It’s never particularly easy to write, record and then release a second album, especially when the first stayed at the top of the UK charts for a fortnight. However, Blossoms have always been a passionate and determined band, and such determination shows – albeit better in some places than others – on their second full length collection, Cool Like You, which was recorded in just 21 days.

Opening with the recent single ‘There’s A Reason Why (I Never Return Your Calls)’ is perhaps the stand-out track on the whole album, as it sets the tone, and standard to which all tracks that follow must match or better. Unfortunately, the majority of them don’t succeed. With that said, lead single ‘Can’t Stand It’ does, and has gone down well with both fans of the band, and also fans of eighties dance-style pop, thanks to its instrumentation and heart-felt honest lyrics like “Why do I fall in love with the least bit of attention, I need some direction, affection.”

The album’s title track also doesn’t fare too badly, mostly thanks to the impressive production, but lyrically, it’s a little clinical and ‘Unfaithful’, although not a bad attempt at a genuine pop-song, doesn’t quite have the edge or ‘wow’ factor that some recent chart hits have that have helped keep them in people’s heads (and more importantly, their ears!)

The tone of the album shifts slightly thanks to ‘Stranger Still’, and not in a good way. The track itself is pensive, reflective and certainly not the best song to listen to if you’re feeling sombre or upset about something or someone in your life. There’s an almost suffocating, restrictive feeling to the opening and first verse of ‘Between The Eyes’, which fortunately fades out by the time the chorus kicks in, but by then the song has become too mish-mashed to really work. The tempo picks up again with ‘I Just Imagined You’ and there’s a rather unique keyboard riff featured within ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ but that’s pretty much the best thing about it.

Closing number ‘Love Talk’ is one of the few high points on the album. Bringing back a keyboard riff similar to the one included in ‘Giving Up The Ghost’, the song really comes into its own through the lyrics; they’re impactful, emotional and deeply personal, and yet are also able to likely resonate with anyone who hears them.

Cool Like You might be the next step in Blossoms’ evolution, however only time (and sales) will tell whether said step was the right one for them to make.

Cool Like You is released on 27th April through Virgin EMI.

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