Lucky 757 - Lonesome Lagoon (Scad Records)

Lucky 757 – Lonesome Lagoon (Scad Records)

Lucky 757 take rockabilly music to the next level by incorporating style and substance to a genre which doesn’t receive the acclaim it should. Yes it is obscure and doesn’t garner the following that other genres do, but it’s a fun way to let your inhibitions relax. From the get go, new record Lonesome Lagoon powers on, flourishing to a point where you’ll be excited for the next track. The album is admittedly a musical venture into known territory, but it’s an upbeat, chilled experience.

Albums such as these are designed to relax the bones, when you’re unsteady on your feet, drunk to the night, and craving something ultimately more subtle. Lonesome Lagoon delivers on this but it also offers instrumentals which have been melded together to create a sweet sound. And it’s clear the musicians who make up Lucky 757 have a great understanding of each other’s talents and personalities.

This is an old fashioned sound, yet it will resonate. The guitars and drums mix well, the strings are played wholesomely and the drama is played out wholeheartedly. And they’re passionate musicians showcasing that music isn’t all about seething words and loud singing; it’s also about mixing genres and placing together the parts that work best.

Lucky 757 are a refreshing act spearheading concepts and ideas. A song such as ‘Reflecting’ – where the instrumentals are softly played, and where you’ll feel like you’re walking to meet your lover on a beautiful summer night, drinking bourbon and escaping turmoil – is truly a winner. And ‘Monsta!’ is a track in which you may feel on the edge, or as though you’re in a bar fight. Typically, the songs will also sometimes make you feel like you’re stuck in a western movie.

This band is unique in its delivery of songs which don’t fit a certain premise. But on Lonesome Lagoon they highlight that rockabilly still has a heart.

Lonesome Lagoon is out now on Scad Records.

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