Track by Track: Is Bliss - Strange Communication 2

Track by Track: Is Bliss – Strange Communication

Is Bliss recently released their debut album Strange Communication, via Club AC30. Having received a warm reception gor their first two EP’s, the south coast trio have been busy in the studio and have created a sitar splashed, swirling 60s psych rock opus. Here they tell us about each track on the album.


This song is about being in a relationship where you think everything you have done has been right.  But when it’s over you realise thinking back, it could have been yourself all along who was destroying it. 

Can’t Sleep Forever

It’s a song that relates to my hatred of people judging me for what they see in me before they actually get to know who i am—thinking I’m someone I’m not. 

All I See Is You 

this is about someone who you feel you would do anything for, and is constantly in your thoughts. A love song. 


This is a song about the demons which controlled me for so long and can still affect me to this day. 


Wonder is me describing the times I can lay there wondering if someone is feeling the same feelings I have for them and the mystery surrounding their thoughts. 

I Tried 

A break up song. The time you go through when you’ve just broken up with someone and all you want to do is make it all right again and talk through the regrets and stuff you have done wrong.      

What To Believe 

I’m not the most political person in the world, but when it comes to politics I believe they all talk out of their arse. I’m sick of living in a world where you have to take so much bullshit and lies, so this is my way of telling them all where to shove it!          

Lost Thoughts 

Lyrics speak for themselves here.  “I dont know what im feeling” a sense of feeling lost and confused in a world I’ll never truly understand.

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