NEWS: Hedara shares powerful new EP 'Slow'

NEWS: Hedara shares powerful new EP ‘Slow’

Hedara – aka Scarlet Billham – releases her new EP ‘Slow‘ tomorrow. Today, we debut the whole EP stream it below.

Her exquisite songwriting skirts between pulsing electro tinged pop of infectious title track, the cut up, kick ass acoustic balladry of ‘Frozen’ and the slow burning piano led epic of ‘Numb’. Each one is invested with Hedara’s emotional heft and experience born out of illness and recovery. Her gorgeously soulful voice infusing each glossy composition with a depth, melodic intricacy and quality that marks her out as one to watch. Her tenacity as an artist and as a person is remarkable to boot.

Everything now to me is a blessing, an added bonus.” She says “I’m so grateful that I can stand here and just be. Music has always been my passion and instead of beating myself up over it, I am now just taking in every little thing that happens. I’m more creative, and creating exactly what I want and what feels right to me. I’m even more enamoured by it all then I was before. I’ve learnt to let go of things, to see the positive, and just to be”

“Hedara – aka Scarlet Billham – graduated from London’s famous BRIT School alongside Freya Ridings and others. She was enjoying a lively start to her music career, performing a number of key shows including Secret Garden Party under different alias’ and bands. A self-proclaimed workaholic, she was approaching her career with drive and commitment.

“Before I got sick – I was always tough on myself. Comparing my achievements, or lack of, to other people. Always wanting to make sure that everything I did was perfect. Always trying to better myself, or be more of who everyone else wanted me to be. “

It was only when Scarlet found herself in hospital, expecting a diagnosis of no more than exhaustion from overworking. being told that she was Type 1 diabetic and narrowly avoided slipping into a coma and potentially death – That she realised she had to take a step back.

It was a really challenging experience. I was trying to pretend I didn’t care, and trying to live life as usual – But when you’re told you missed death by a few days, it changes your outlook on everything.

Slowly finding her way back into music, she began working with different songwriters and producers before finding a connection with Carey Willetts (Dua Lipa, Freya Ridings, Dermot Kennedy). Together they co-wrote and produced 8 tracks, 3 of which now form the EP Slow. It’s been a long road for Scarlet, but she’s beginning to find redemption in her true calling once again.

Her blend of electronica, meeting traditional songwriting garnered early support. It wasn’t long before Jo Whiley was spinning the track on BBC Radio 2. She followed up with the heart achingly beautiful “Numb”.”

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