Tracks of the Week #87

Tracks of the Week #87

Who? Larry Gus

What? Taped Hands Here

Where? Greece

What they say  Lyrics sung in Greek and English address Larry’s overwhelming struggles with being a father, husband, artist, and human in 2019. In the artist’s own words, this album is about “trying to understand empathy and act with it on everyday life” as well as “the imperative empathy above everything else.

For fans of: Oh Sees, Can , Talking Heads, Clinic

Why we love it? Brilliant “crisis funk”, a floor filling bricolage of post punk and electronica threaded with trad Mediterranean grooves. Insanely catchy and threaded with bilingual vocal sparring that meditates on everything from Greek political crisis to being human and trying to act with empathy with your every action. Insidiously excellent.

Who? Yammerer

Where? Liverpool

What ? Y Ffves Haed

What they say? “Growing From Improvisational Roots, Yammerer Have Developed Their Psychedelic Post-Punk Sound Into A Multi-Limbed Monster; Captivating Audiences With A Raw And Earnest Approach.”

They Release Their Debut EP Reality Escape Resort  (Digital / Vinyl) In November

FFO: Captan Beefheart, Blackmidi, the Fall

Why we love it?
Bonkers, barmy, and insatiable. Noisey mischief-maker Yammerer, hammer away on a jazzy riff, yelping with barely indecipherable yelps that dance upon the disaster. Brilliant.

Who? Just Mustard

What? Seven

Where? Dundalk, Ireland

What they say? “We made the video for ‘Seven’ with our friend Graham Patterson. Through the imagery we explored themes of perspective, perception and faith, taking inspiration from the lyrics. Most of the props in the video are things from my bedroom that we made into villains. We were interested in using mixed media in the storytelling so we included some paintings and made some stop motion animation too.”

FFO: Savages, Interpol, Esben the Witch

Why we love it? Brooding and simmering with haunting vocals and surges that sound like an elevator shunting down the floors. Heavy with a barely concealed despair, regret and repression, before blossoming in the final few minutes into a post punk beast that swirls and haunts with a ghostly presence. Powerful.

Who? Dani Sylvia

Where? Crawley

What? Lithium

What they say? “Lithium is about many things; self-sabotage, self-destruction, fear… but ultimately, hope and knowing that feelings are never permanent. For me, it is about the secrets we keep, bad coping-strategies and the lies we tell to those around us so that they don’t worry about us, preferring to learn how to heal yourself rather than leaning on others. It’s about the place we go to in our minds to face ourselves head-on and fully feel the pain/shame/loneliness/fear. It’s only by doing this alone that we can be ‘found’.”

FFO: BANKS, Transviolet, VÉRITÉ, Broods

Why we love it? Super cool and dynamic. Supple sensual vocals drape over this elastic funky tune that ripples with the power of going it alone. Soulful and self empowered

Who? Deaton Chris Anthony

Where? L.A

What? Racecar ft. Clairo, Coco & Clair Clair

What they say? “I sample clothes like I sample music, I take something old and outdated, I widen it, I add new colours to it and restructure it to make it feel new. Making clothes has always been necessary for me. I make clothes so I can make music and I wear my music.”

FFO: Omar Apollo, UMI +++, Superorganism, Grimes

Why we love it? Millenial cut up pop that fuses sleek R’n’B segues with rapped speak singing and blimping synths. Ripe with humour and amusing boastful vocal layers. Catchy, popping, ultra futuristic pop.

Who? Die Orangen

What? Sonne

Where? Australia/Berlin

What they say? “Plants need the sun to survive, and we need the plants to survive. This is our dedication to them and their tireless (and often unrewarded work they do every day here on planet earth). We disguise ourselves and use the voice of flora to give our thanks and admiration to the sun and its vitality. Much in the same way that there is a chemical reaction that takes place inside a plant, we feel that there is a reaction that we have towards plants that give many humans the want and need to worship the sun. We are, indeed, not only praising the sun when we do this but also the plants that are the beneficiaries that keep us alive.”

FFO: Nine Inch Nails and My Bloody Valentine, Grumbling Fur

Why we love it? Cinematic, mysterious and gradually smothering. This tapestry of industrial electronic textures ominously unfurl into the oral examination of the growth of plant life. Intriguing.

Who? Ailsa Tully

What? Highly Strung

Where? Wales/London

What they say? A dreamy exploration of the anxieties surrounding time and space. ‘Highly Strung’ is accompanied by a music video inspired by the lyrics in Ailsa’s song. The washing line featured in the visuals is reflective of the lyric “I am just highly strung, out on the line’.

FFO: Warpaint, Daughter, The xx, Portishead

Why we love it? Dreamy, evocative and laden with a heavy atmosphere, enveloping vocals sensuously explore the binaries of gender. Promising and haunting.

Who? The Ninth Wave

What? Human Behaviour

What they say?“‘Human Behaviour’ is a song for hopeless acceptance. It was written during the end of a long-term relationship and is an expression of the helplessness felt when the two people involved both know that there is nothing to save.”

FFO: Depeche Mode, These New Puritans

Why we love it? Bombastic, swooping and tangled this doomed love affair is strident and epic. Ripe with tragedy and melodrama it’s perhaps the best thing we have heard The Ninth Wave produce thus far.

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