Maddee - Red Mind (Self released)

Maddee – Red Mind (Self released)

Breakups are something that we have all been through, but never really talk about IRL. In hindsight they are a fantastic thing to have gone through, as ultimately you have to take ownership for your life and push through the pain until you reach the other side. At the time they can be socially debilitating and incredibly painful to navigate. The problem is do you get angry and bitter, or allow yourself a mourning period of reflection before picking yourself up and starting again?

Red Mind’, the debut EP from Toronto based Maddee, was born out of that of frustration, rejection, anger, and all those feelings you experience after a breakup, but instead of going down the lairy and raging route, Maddee has gone a different way. Musically ‘Red Mind’ is layered with wonky beats, stuttering organs, sultry basslines that complement Maddee’s brooding vocals and give everything a Neo-Soul/jazzy vibe. Lyrically the songs are reflective and, at times she feels comfortable with the split, but mainly the feeling is “Why?” This is evident on ‘WWY’ or ‘Where Were You’. Here Maddee lists situations when she needed her ex-partner and asks “Where were you when I needed you the most?” Of course there is no resolution, but there rarely is when it comes to breakups.

What ‘Red Mind’ shows is that Maddee is in possession of a glorious vocal range, but most importantly, she knows how to use it get the most from the music, rather than just showboating for cheap pops. The downside to the EP is that Maddee never really lets go, puts her foot down and shows what she can do. In the future it would be fun to hear Maddee on an uplifting pop banger. If not for the sheer enjoyment of it, but to counter balance the songs of love, loss and redemption.

The self released Red Mind is released on 18th October.

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