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EXCLUSIVE: Nova Hall debuts powerful and political new single ‘Collateral’

Based in Berlin via London, Swedish songwriter and producer Nova Hall releases her third single ‘Collateral’ today, and we have the premiere.

Rounding off a trilogy of singles, ‘Collateral’ follows her two previous singles ‘We Are Here’ and ‘In Memory Of The Unknown’.

A dark throbbing cut that is reminiscent of Polica or Lorde, ‘Collateral’ ripples with percussive strikes, atmospheric synth washes and the evocative vocals of Nova Hall that swell into powerful choruses highlighting the destructive effects of greed and power on humanity and the planet. Listen below.

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Lyrically, the track represents an artist entering a more socially conscious space, as Nova Hall tackles issues around the negative effects of modern society on our earth, leaving the listener asking – “Does the end really justify the means?”

“I truly believe that deep down most people are fundamentally good. We don’t ask for much, but we are constantly caught in these geopolitical games infringing upon our freedoms. Leaders justifying military action and hiding behind ideological narratives, proxy wars being fought for oil, and rainforests being destroyed in the name of profit.”

At first listen it may seem like a standard love song, but the message delves much deeper. The lyrics are not about love towards an individual, but rather about feeling solidarity towards all of humanity. This is ultimately a message of hope set to dystopian-like instrumentation. Explaining this message, Nova Hall says:

“It seems that it’s always when we are faced with binary choices and ultimatums that we end up making terrible decisions. We forget that there is always a third option. Something that people in power want us to forget about to stay in power. If we really want to create a better world we need to start acting like it, now.”

The following quote by Aldous Huxley (author of Brave New World) which she names as one of the main inspirations for the track maybe best summarises the philosophy behind her latest single;

“The end cannot justify the means, for the simple and obvious reason that the means employed determine the nature of the ends produced.”

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