Video of the Week #147; ALA.NI – Papa

Video of the Week #147; ALA.NI – Papa

Paris-based ALA.NI has just returned with her new album ACCA, a record which was recorded entirely a capella (check the title, folks) and manages to cover such weighty topics as abusive relationships, absentee parents and failed affairs while somehow shining a light of hope throughout.

The video for one of the new songs, ‘Papa’, is beautifully shot in monochrome, the water themes adding to the immersive feeling of the accompanying sounds.

‘Papa’ manages to evoke the majesty of Laura Mvula while channeling the rhythmic spirit of The Creatures – in other words, ALA.NI has created something unique.

2017’s debut drew comparisons to Judy Garland and Ella Fitzgerald; ACCA and indeed this song, ‘Papa’ showcases an artist who is very difficult to pigeonhole and one who demands your attention in 2020.

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