SECRET LIGHT, released on 5 March, is the trippy and beat heavy new single from KARMA SHE’s upcoming debut album MY NAKED DEVOTION out this week on the Berlin-based label Martin Hossbach.

Today, we premiere the accompanying video, directed and edited by the artist. We see KARMA SHE dressing up and down her younger pot smoking brother while the message of the song says that one’s real beauty comes from within. The video was shot in a bomb shelter in Tel-Aviv that was used as KS’s prevous studio.

KARMA SHE say: “The lyrics of the song came to me while meditating, i saw myself in the body of a panther walking at night in the jungle feeling safe, powerful and free in this new genderless form.”

The video was self-directed by KARMA SHE in an immediate, ‘do it yourself’ aesthetic.

“Berlin-based (and Jerusalem-born) multi-disciplinary artist Carmel Michaeli has constructed the vessel named KARMA SHE to transcend the stage and create extra-sensorial musical performances. KARMA SHE’s bass-heavy electronic musical production is complemented by a ghetto twist of explicit vocals.

Together with her creature crew, KARMA SHE creates a highly visual live-set that combines choreography and ecstatic ritualistic elements that lure you into her universe — a universe inspired by Michaeli’s Jewish heritage and subcultures. She is the writer, composer, producer and vocalist for KARMA SHE’s music and self-directs all of her performances and music videos with a punk DIY-attitude, collaborating with other artists from her community. The project is an ongoing deconstruction of pop conventions; the result is both mystifying and seductive.”

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