NEWS: Free Love present Third Ear: a live stream of yoga and music

NEWS: Free Love present Third Ear: a live stream of yoga and music

Glaswegian duo Free Love are running a live stream of yoga and music entitled Third Ear this afternoon, Wednesday from 5pm GMT.

They say: “Third Ear is the harmonisation of vinyasa yoga with live music and sound performance.  In the past, we ran bi-monthly events which brought together musicians (including members of Golden Teacher, Grim Lusk, Cucina Povera, Banana Oil, Bell Lungs, Lo Kindre, MR TC), yoga teachers and practitioners in Glasgow.  From Wednesday, we will extend this to an online live stream where we will perform live music along with a led class to you in the comfort of your home. 

We have just returned from a 200hr intensive yoga teacher training in the Goan jungle and have been excited to share our practice with our community and beyond. 

Obviously, this can’t happen on a physical basis for some time, so we are setting up a live stream of Third Ear. Passes can be bought on the website for a suggested donation of £6, but pay as you can afford. Once a pass has been acquired, we will email a Zoom link which will go live just before the class.”

“I imagine for many people (including myself to some extent) this self-isolation can be a bit of a headfuck –  the people, routines, institutions around us give us a semblance of structure and  when it all grinds to a halt without any idea of when its going to be over we are forced to ~STOP~. When the motion all around us stops, all we can see is what’s directly in front of us – this can be extremely uncomfortable for many of us – basically the whole world is going into a retreat and having to deal with all the mental stress that comes up when we stop and reflect. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing but in order to process our thoughts, behaviours and sense of perspective, we have to take CONTROL. When our cycles and patterns of behaviour are broken, we are given the opportunity to create new ones that serve us better.

Yoga is the practice of balance – a practice that can deliver us from the illusory reality that distorts our perspectives and brings us ultimately to the realisation that we are all oscillations of pure ~NRG~, An echo from the chamber of universal consciousness. Through practicing, we can connect to the source – the river that feeds all streams – and begin to see and feel that ~NRG~ in our daily life. Even mundanity is an exposition of absurd beauty when we experience it with clarity with the context of universal consciousness. Through control and balance, yoga is an invitation to that experience, starting and ending with your breathe. And we are inviting you to join us on our own exploration of this!

Without being able to connect with people in a normal face-to-face environment, we’ve decided to host an edition of Third Ear livestreamed from our living room/studio/shala. The class will be led by Suzi and sounds and music will be provided by me (Lewis). We’re planning on doing this continuously if its succesful and we’re both really excited to connect with everyone this way.

On a material plane we know a lot of people are also struggling at the moment through loss of work and stability and that’s why we have made the class available to all with a suggested donation of £6. We too have lost most of our income for the foreseeable future so all contributions are very greatly appreciated and received. You can sign up by sending your donation using the donation button or by sending an email to [email protected]

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