IN CONVERSATION: Tom Fleming's One True Pairing to play NHS online fundraiser
One True Pairing Photo credit: Jenna Foxton

IN CONVERSATION: Tom Fleming’s One True Pairing to play NHS online fundraiser

Tom Fleming, formerly of Wild Beasts, who tonight plays an fundraise for NHS charities, announced his One True Pairing solo project last year, releasing the eponymously titled debut album in September.

Fleming’s anger and frustrations around class and inequality makes the record one of fiery protest but his vocal’s richness and warmth add another layer of appeal on top of a stripped down backing.

One True Pairing is a fan fiction reference, where fans twin heroes with a fantasy perfect other. With this is mind, it seemed appropriate to ask him here on World Book Day his thoughts on fanfic, and literature.

What’s the best or weirdest fan fiction you’ve ever read?

I’m not entirely sure I’m entirely up on fan fiction these days, the last stuff I knew was all SERIOUSLY pornographic Twilight stuff (which is no surprise). I used to work with a woman who wrote vampire fan fiction in the days of geocities, she had an avid readership who would make requests, and she would incorporate them and their lives into the stories. I miss that internet

If you were one true paired with anyone in a piece of fan fic, who would it be with? And would you be happy with that choice?

If, God forbid, any was written about me, I have a horrible feeling I’ve made a rod for my own back with the name. Imagine a 2nd me that falls in love with the first me, and we sing duets to each other about getting sparked out in car parks, and make love behind rows of garages in the drizzle. Terrifying.

What’s the first book of whatever genre you remember enjoying, and what did you like about it?

The first one I definitely, definitely remember picking out myself was Insomnia by Stephen King. I remember loving the fantastical imagery and the sense of all-pervading threat. It also taught me that you’re exposed to far more challenging themes in books than almost anywhere else, especially as a kid. It was of course ferociously long and rambling, and had the characteristic King ridiculous ending, but loved it at the time

If you aren’t enjoying a book do you lash it because life’s too short, or stick with it to the bitter end?

If something is simply dragging, I’ll finish it in the interests of fairness. More usually something in the book offends a sensibility or something, and I’ll put it down in a fit if pique. Life really is too short to bother with that, in that case

What is your favourite poem?

If I had to pick one favourite, I suppose I would choose To Elsie by William Carlos Williams. I’ve been imitating that for ten years.

What’s the most recent book you’ve read, and did it hit the spot?

I’m currently deep in book 3 (Acceptance) of the Southern Reach trilogy by Jeff Van Der Meer. It’s a hell of a ride. Each book has a different narrative style, and is almost unbearably creepy and beautifully drawn. It’s been a while since I read something as transportative. Totally took my head off.

Tom Fleming plays an online show for NHS charities on Thurs 23 April at 7pm BST, streamed via Twitch.

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