EXCLUSIVE: Jazzboy ‘Jazzapocalypse’ Music Video Premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Jazzboy ‘Jazzapocalypse’ Music Video Premiere

The weird and wonderful Jazzboy returns with a stunning visual for his new single ‘Jazzapocalypse‘. A dramatic, sprawling electronic ode to the Jazzapocalypse. The track is dressed up with elaborate vocals, pristine production, and a memorable hook “is it a Monday, or is it an apocalypse?“. It captures a sense of deliberate sadness and conveys the experience of someone living with depression. The sound is well developed, reminiscent of early Grimes with hints of Massive Attack and Purity Ring.

The video is self-directed by Jazzboy and tells the story of a lonely soul traveling through the abandoned apocalypse, it’s rife with beautiful cinematography and high production value. It’s evocative of Steven Klein, with dramatic uses of shadows and textures. Check it out below:

Jazzapocalypse‘ is the first release from an, as of yet, untitled 10-track EP which Jazzboy will release later this year.

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