SMALLTOWN TIGERS caught our ears last year with their debut single ‘Just Friends‘ we said it “burrows its way into your brain, with its chunky bar chords and girl-gang indestructibility.”

Last week they released their mini-album Five Things through Area Pirata Records. It comes with a video for the blistering and scorched title track and lead single, that leaves wreckage in its wake, loaded with belligerent percussion and garage punk riffage smeared in abrasively hollered vocals, the video sees the trio rampaging through London streets at night.

Italian trio SMALLTOWN TIGERS cut their teeth playing Ramones songs at squats and beach parties, spreading their love for surfboards and punk rock. In 2019, Valli (bass, vocals) and Monty (guitar, vocals) went into the all-analog L’Amor Mio Non Muore studio in Forli with cult producer Stiv Cantarelli from blues-punk outcasts Stiv Cantarelli and The Silent Strangers to lay down the basics of what became their first originals.

The 8-song Five Things was recorded mostly live in studio with no overdubs and mixed by analogue master Roberto Villa on 2” tape, and mastered by Detroit guru Jim Diamond.

Hi, how are you today?

Hello, Valli speaking. I’m fine, thank you. I am stuck at home daydreaming on the couch about having a vacation in some exotic place

Tell me about your new song, Five Things, and your new mini-album.

‘Five things’ is a song about different moments in your life, when things don’t go exactly the way you have imagined them.  Like the whole mini-album, it’s a powerful rather melodic song.  We like that little bit of anger just to make sure that everyone will understand the nature of the band. We like to play fast and we’ll be out there to prove it.

What was the first song you ever wrote?

I think it hasn’t even got a name.  Never made it to the album, anyway.

What was it like?

It was crap.  The songs on the mini-album are way much better.

What’s your local music scene like?

Rimini was once well known for a lively underground music scene since the early 80s through the late 90s, although we experienced only the latest part of it.  Sadly, the closing of places like the Velvet Club, where the best Italian bands and almost all the biggest acts in the world used to stop by while on tour, just ended the magic.  Nowadays the only clubs that allow local acts only want cover and tribute bands in.  If you want some good music today, you could only rely on private parties and squats.  There’s not much left, to be honest.  Although one sadly misses even the tribute bands in these lockdown days.

Your music in five words?

Powerful, fast, noisy, raw, and sassy.

Which artists do you admire?

Ramones have always been our music gurus.  Joan Jett too, but basically the whole punk rock movement from the 70s to the 90s had a strong influence of what we listen to and play.

What would be your dream collaboration?

We never thought about a collaboration yet but so far we’d love to play with CJ Ramone or Iggy, if he’d have us.

What’s the best band you have played with so far?

We’ve been lucky enough to open for many bands even at the early stages of our career but The Baby Shakes from NYC are sure on top of that list, although I have to say that opening for Italian blues-punk icons Not Moving LTD has been a blast, they’re really something.  When we played the UK for the first time, The Speedways left a mark on us for sure. We love their trademark powerpop.

Who/What are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes while I’m typing.

Thanks for your time

It’s been a pleasure! You enlightened my lockdown day. Anytime!

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