EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Hayes – ‘Superego’ Music Video

EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Hayes – ‘Superego’ Music Video

Cameron Hayes returns with her new follow up single ‘Superego‘, a dark, moody slice of alternative pop-rock that grabs you by the collar and drags you in. An infectious energy pulsates through the track, sure to get your feet stomping to the beat. The track is produced by Dan Smith of The Noisettes fame and it’s the second song taken from Cameron’s debut EP which will be released later this year.

We are excited to share the new track as an exclusive premiere, Cameron had this to say about ‘Superego‘:

  • Superego‘ is a dark, pop-rock anthem I wrote, produced by Dan from The Noisettes down in Brighton earlier this year. The idea behind the song is the Freudian theory that every human has a     superego, an ego, and an id. Your ego is who you are, your superego is who society tells you to be and your id is basically ‘sleep, have sex, eat’, and it’s about the balance and sometimes impossible expectations that will never leave you truly happy. I find it especially relevant as a woman as we’re constantly battling with societal pressures to be a certain way, and this song is basically fuck what society wants and be whoever you want to be.


Superego‘ by Cameron Hayes is out on 27/05/2020.



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