A gallic sway and a judicious amount of guitar riffing, as well as a sojourn in Joy Division/Orange Juice territory from the intricate undertow of KJ & The Fox’s forthcoming debut single, ‘Perfect Moments’.  Its appropriate inspiration is a chapter from Jean-Paul Sartre’s existentialist debut novel ‘Nausea’ – where the search for perfection becomes an incubus.  Lead singer and guitarist KJ’s (aka Keith John Adams) trademark is his beatboxing into a loop pedal.  He is augmented by Scritti Politti’s Rhodri Marsden on bass.  Drummer Tom Haines and guitarist Chris Branch – better known as composing/sound design partnership Brains and Hunch as well as being members of the lounge jazz outfit the London Snorkeling Team – complete the quartet.

Here is KJ giving us the lowdown on ‘Perfect Moments’ plus more.

Hi, how are you today?
I’m pretty good… I had a good walk.
Tell me about your new song, Perfect Moments, and the concept behind the music video.
The song’s inspired by a novel, Nausea, by Jean-Paul Sartre – and a character in it with impossible expectations. I really liked the idea that a song called ‘Perfect Moments‘ would be about how they’re not really available. I came up with the main riff while it was on my mind so it just sort of happened. I don’t usually write about other art so it’s a bit different for me. The main concept for the video was… find a weird location and then make my singing head disappear in a jarring way… then fill up the rest of the video with some instrument playing and animal footage that might suggest memories. 
What was your experience like in putting the music video together?
Well it was all done in the lockdown. I had to find my animals on walks to Epping Forest so I took a camera with me. Once I got the strange coloured monochrome and the spotted disco light it all came together. Restrictions are good!
What are your plans for the future beyond this release?
We’re going to record more singles, and when there are enough of those singles, it’ll be an album… then just imagine… gigs in front of actual people like the good old days.
What was the first song you ever wrote?
 I’ll Be On The Train‘ when I was about 14. My dad still thinks it’s one of my best.
What was it like? 
Kinda folk pop with unconvincing lyrics about relationships.
What’s your local music scene like?
In East London… I don’t know about local really. We’re on the fringes of several scenes: through our label Vacilando ‘68… our friends like Kenny Process Team, The Happy Couple, through the Stephen EvEns gang there’s his band, Hot Sauce Pony, Hurtling… through Rhodri there’s the Scritti Politti satellites like Dream Themes, Black Peaches and Article 54… we’re linked to what you might call “lifers” all over the place… in the US too… all supporting each other as best we can but getting jealous if anyone else does too well.
How would you describe your music in five words?
 Enriching, rewarding and deceptively fun.
Which artists do you admire? 
That’s too long a list… anyone with their own voice and anyone who makes me smile.
What would be your dream collaboration?
Hey this band is a dream collaboration! Louis Armstrong would be a good addition though.
What’s the best band/artist you have played with so far?
I played on a bill with Deerhoof about 10 years ago… still unbeaten.
Who/What are you listening to right now?
Erm.. the new Deerhoof album, Future Teenage Cave Artists… and I mean RIGHT now.
Thanks for your time
No no no… thank you.

Perfect Moments’ is released on June 26 through the Vacilando ‘68 Recordings/Functional Electric label.

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