Eveta Teases His Upcoming EP By Dropping Empowering New Single 'Serve'

Eveta Teases His Upcoming EP By Dropping Empowering New Single ‘Serve’

Having already generated a little under a million streams of his music so far, there’s no denying that the powerful and inspirational messages contained within Eveta’s tracks are touching and resonating with music fans everywhere. As an individual who grew up in Argentina and would later split his time between Canada and the USA, the self-proclaimed “weird kid” of his family always found himself drawn to the arts; first dance, and then music and performing. By the age of 19 and heavily inspired by the likes of Madonna and Shakira, he knew music was the career path for him and since then he’s never looked back.

A proud member of the LGBTQ community, he is a firm believer in the power of music and its ability to impact and change lives, adding that his own work – his brand – is: “full of positivity and kindness. Who I am will always reflect in what I do.” His sound infuses unpredictable and undeniable pop with lyrics inspired by the moments and experiences he’s had on his journey through life so far, all of which are showcased on upcoming EP “Higher”, which features his brand-new single ‘Serve.’

Asked about the inspiration and creative source for the song, Eveta says: “I wanted to create an anthem that was fun and political. I grew up with 4 women and feminism is ingrained in me. At the same time, using the term SERVE, which came up in the LGBTQ community as a way of cheering drag queens but then extended to pretty much everyone using it. “Serving looks, serving face, serving attitude” serving is a lifestyle.  Freddie Mercury served looks, voice, and theatrics. The video is in process. 3D animation, me and 4 girls conquer the moon by travelling in futuristic spaceship and planting the gay flag.”

Teasing the EP, and referring to its title track, he adds: “This song was written with the idea of a collective raise of consciousness. We need to raise our frequency to rise above as a global society and achieve peace in the world. That means being kinder to each other, creating a movement for change. Small actions count, you don’t have to be the CEO of a company to make a difference. At the same time, having a positive attitude and trusting the process, the future IS going to be better…I want us all to reach higher, I know it’s in our fate, there’s no more time to waste. The planet needs us too, we can’t keep on destroying it. Greta, Malala and many more young leaders are change makers. I want to position myself as one too.”

Give ‘Serve’ a listen below and for more information on Eveta, visit his website, give his page a like on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.


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