Tracks of the Week #117

Tracks of the Week #117

Who? 100 Fables

What? Roadside

Why we love it? Powerful alternative electro-pop about taking back your power in a toxic situation and moving on. It’s a beautiful upbeat number with dark undertones and a super catchy post-chorus and brilliant lyrics such as “you’ve always been a storm, I’ve seen it in your eyes” – a fantastic showcase of 100 Fables talent and a must listen!  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Clean Bandit, MARINA

Who? Sam the Astronaut

What? High for You

Why we love it? A summer-vibe anthem with clean production, strong vocals, and a memorable melody that will have you chanting along by your second listen. Sam the Astronaut has shown off their versatility as artists with their latest string of releases and this is another fantastic step in the right direction.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Bastille, Yukon Blonde

Who? Spunsugar

What? Run

Where? Sweden

What they say? Following on from the release of their breakthrough debut EP ‘Mouth Full Of You’ last year, a collection that cemented them as one of the finest emerging shoegaze outfits, Swedish trio Spunsugar now return to announce their highly-anticipated debut album ‘Drive-Through Chapel’, out on the 2nd October via Adrian Recordings.

“We call ourselves an alternative rock band with shoegaze influences. Sound wise, imagine if Alternative Nation on MTV 1997 and a drum machine fall into a cotton candy machine. The cotton candy wheel breaks and derails. We grew up farmer offsprings, bible belt kids of fundamentalists and trailer trash in small towns of Sweden. These are our references and this shapes our sound.” – Spunsugar

Why we love it? Hanging heavy with claustrophobia this slice of gothic hewn shoegaze is thunderous and infectious. Entwined double-barrel vocals and powered by propulsive drums and synth sweeps, it seeks release and escape. Its the soundtrack to the doubtful twilight hours.  (Bill Cummings)

FFO: Curve, Swervedriver, Ringo Deathstarr

Who? Troye Sivan


Where? Australia

Why we love it? Troye has created a beautiful retro-pop project and some of his best work to date with their In A Dream EP. The title track is a fantastically vibrant slice of bubble pop that bursts with energy and emotion.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Allie X, Lauv

What? Ultraflex

What? Work Out Tonight

Where? Norway/Icelandic

Ultraflex is made up of Norway’s Farao & Icelandic musician Special-K. Today they’re announcing their debut album ‘Visions of Ultraflex’ is set for release Oct 30th. Packed with playful disco-pop, the new single & video from the record “Work Out Tonight” is online now.

Speaking about the video, the band said “‘Work Out Tonight’ is the first in a trilogy of Ultraflex videos directed by genius artist and our good friend OKAY KAYA. Bathing, sunshine, pickles… We decided to give our fans a special glimpse into our everyday lifestyle.”

Why we love it? Seductive and intimate, this intricate weave of techno, glowing synths and electro textures is garnished by the lithe, alluring and insidious half whispered half melodic refrains of Farao & Special-K. One can imagine late summer nights spent bopping on the dancefloor, the suggestive lyrics have a playful glint in the eye. Sumptuous.(Bill Cummings)

FFO: Easter, Saâda Bonaire, Janet Jackson

Who? Myylo

What? Bored to Tears

Why we love it? Entertaining and sad with a unique undercurrent of humour and personality that is totally unique to a Myylo song, this track is anything but boring. Opening with a hard synth that contrasts perfectly with the softer vocal to create a unique folk-electronic-pop sound.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Taylor Swift, Keiynan Lonsdale, Isaac Dunbar

Who? Vardaan Arora

What? Heartbreak on the Dancefloor

Why we love it? Retro synthpop tinged with a deep loneliness wonderfully conveyed with a soft, wispy vocal embodied with emotion. The production is strong and worthy of the dancefloor – a certified bop!  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Robyn, Bronze Avery, Selena Gomez

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