NEWS: Ultraflex share debut album 'Visions of Ultraflex' details & Disco pop of new single 'Never Forget My Baby'

NEWS: Ultraflex share debut album ‘Visions of Ultraflex’ details & Disco pop of new single ‘Never Forget My Baby’

 Norway’s Farao & Icelandic musician Special-K aka Ultraflex are set to release their debut album Visions of Ultraflex on Oct 30th. They have now shared a new single & video ‘Never Forget My Baby’.

The delectable ‘Never Forget My Baby‘ is lavished with playful retro pop sounds, inspired by 80s Soviet disco, aswell as Cher & Janet Jackson who this new track plays tribute too. Watch the video below.

Speaking about the track, the band said “Yvonne Winona is admiring herself in the mirror, listening to her go to ‘putting on lotion’ song ’Never Forget My Baby’. She is her own gaze. All of a sudden Ultraflex appears on her bed.

“‘Visions of Ultraflex’, the self produced album by Icelandic/Norwegian duo Ultraflex is a joyride through a disco theme park. The conflux of the individually accomplished artists, Farao (NO) and Special-K (ISO), channels the cheekily frank Icelandic nature through Norwegian acuteness and reason, resulting in an interdisciplinary artistic collaboration that oozes charisma.

The pair met when they were both living in Berlin and had mutual artistic crushes on each other. The opportunity to collaborate arose when they were hired to make a piece for the Scandinavian electronic music festivals Insomnia and Extreme Chill in 2019. After a few short, intense writing sessions in the remote Westfjords of Iceland, the arctic Tromsø and Berlin, they managed to construct their sound, image and debut album.

‘Visions of Ultraflex’ is a cocktail of contemporary disco and futuristic boogie, the production style falling somewhere between Peggy Gou and The Rah Band, topped with lyrics and vocal performances reminiscent of Easter, Saâda Bonaire, and Janet Jackson. Live, they perform exercise routines in synchronisation with visuals largely based on 80’s Soviet aerobics, which goes well with their overall fashion output, a look that would make Lotta Volkova proud. The project has an easily detectable background in fine art, an everpresent tinge of wit and self irony enveloping everything.

Their music videos, many of which are made by fellow Norwegian pop artist OKAY KAYA, are a sophisticated blend of camp and chic and their internet presence is as nonsensical as it is carefully curated.”

They say: “With our solo projects we are both miserable and lonely, so we are coming together like step sisters or lovers to keep each other warm when it’s cold outside”, they say about their unification.

Visions of Ultraflex’ track list:
1. Get Fit 
2. Work Out Tonight (Youtube)
3. Papaya 
4. Never Forget My Baby (Youtube)
5. Man U Sheets 
6. Olympic Sweat
7. Full of Lust
8. Secret Lover

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