NEWS: nudista release dreamy and atmospheric new single ‘confess’   

NEWS: nudista release dreamy and atmospheric new single ‘confess’  

Dream-pop duo nudista have today released their new single, ‘confess’, via Sad Club Records. The duo, comprised of the vocals of Spanish-born singer Pilar Matji Cabello and guitar by Robbie Carman, met at University in London where they bonded and formed over a shared fondness of Yo La Tengo, Phoebe Bridgers and Neil Young.

‘confess’ is beautifully rousing, dreamily atmospheric, and we utterly love it.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Pilar ponders: “I was coming to terms with life in all its mundanity: working, paying rent, surviving the city, etc and the slow acknowledgement that predictions for life in mid-20s were inaccurate. ‘confess’ is about coming to terms with that process and, eventually, being okay with it – sitting in that feeling, it’s sad but it’s all good.”

‘confess’ is out now via Sad Club Records.

Photo Credit: Maite de Orbe


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