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NEWS: Mumble Tide release sparky and fierce new single ‘Sucker’

Mumble Tide 2 SUCKER

Bristol duo Mumble Tide have released their new single ‘Sucker’ today, on Nothing Fancy records. The track is their first release since their debut EP ‘Love Thing’, which came out last year. The duo, consisting of Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers, met through a Gumtree advert and produce their own music, videos and artwork.

‘Sucker’ has dazzled us with its sparky energy, with the lyrics “so long, sucker” strutting across gnarly guitars. Fierce and feisty: we loved it.

Speaking about the song they reveal: “This one is just a super fun track we threw together. It’s about feeling confident and free and moving on (or at least trying to). It’s about throwing the baggage off your shoulders and strutting away…but also accepting that it’s not that easy”.

 ‘Sucker’ is out now.

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