When your press release mentions you in the same breath as Phoebe Bridgers and Holly Humberstone is really gives you a high bar to reach. It’s probably not possible for a debut single to confirm that swooning statement but as far as debuts go Alix Page is showing bags of potential. We caught up with her to talk ‘25‘, her hometown of Costa Mesa, CA, and skorts.

Hey Alix, how the devil are you?

I’m great!  I’m in the busiest season of school right now but hanging in there.

Right, tell me a bit about you.

I’m from Southern California, I make amazing pancakes, I wear a variation of the same outfit every day, I have a really good memory, I started writing songs when I was 16 and fell in love with it.  My go-to karaoke song is ‘Jessie’s Girl’.

You released your single ‘25’ recently, what can you tell me about it?

Oh man.  This one brings up a lot.  First of all, it took forever getting the production right.  Before we recorded it I’d had it for about a year so it felt great finally achieving what I’d always heard in my head.  Brett, Andrew, and Jonny really brought it to life – super grateful for them.

I wrote it at a really weird time, coming out of Summer 2020 and unsure what my next year would look like and even more unsure what all the years after that would look like.  The first verse reflects on the past, the second verse anticipates the future, and the bridge explains exactly where I was at the moment when I wrote it.  Looking back on it I feel like writing the bridge was almost a self check-in.  Like, ‘okay, Autumn is here, I survived covid-spring and summer, I survived that heartbreak, I think I’m doing okay, things are weird but I’m alive’.

What was it like making the video? Fun or hard work?

Both.  The hard work was mostly just because we were on a time crunch but Tanner (the director) and Tyler (my counterpart) were so much fun and easy to work with.  We did a lot of thinking on our feet and got very little sleep and had a blast.   Keeping the team small made it all really special.

And what are you allowed to tell me about your EP which is due early next year?

It’s gonna include four songs, all of which except one I wrote in Fall-ish of 2020.  I’m so proud of them all it hurts.  They’re all produced by Brett Kramer, engineered by Jonny  Bell, written by me, performed by myself and Brett and Andrew.  There’s also strings on one of them which is super exciting and new for me.

If you could work with anyone, who would it be?

Matty Healy, Imogen Heap, Blake Mills, Ethan Gruska, MUNA, James Blake, Adrienne Lenker.

What are skorts?

HAHA. A genius combination of a skirt and shorts. I have a ton because California is very hot and shorts are great but sometimes you wanna switch it up and still be comfortable/able to move.

Where did you grow up? And what did you do for fun?

Orange County, specifically Costa Mesa/Newport Beach. I was homeschooled 2nd through 4th grade and in that time I really just read a LOT.  I think that’s where a lot of my love for writing comes from, that and my mom.  I did ballet for a really long time too, till I was 12.

I look back on my high school experience really fondly – I got lucky.  When you go to an arts high school you meet plenty of people who really try to romanticize their life like they’re in an indie coming-of-age film and I appreciated that a lot.  My friends and I were always out and about, finding new things to do and new places to go.  It was really easy for me to be inspired when I made an effort to get out of the house and struck gold with the people I surrounded myself with.  I owe so much of my music taste and personal style and writing inspiration to my friends.  Again, I got very very lucky.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2021?

One more single before the EP, two acoustic videos, maybe a show.

If you could recommend one artist to hear this week, who would it be?

Dora Jar.

Find out more about Alix on her Instagram and Facebook. Her single ’25’ is out now and her EP is due out in 2022.

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