Video Of The Week #217: LIA LIA - I'm a Moth

Video Of The Week #217: LIA LIA – I’m a Moth

The moth gets a bad rap doesn’t it? I know they scare the hell out of me some evenings when they rattle around one of my lampshades.

On LIA LIA‘s new single ‘I’m a Moth’ she inhabits the role of a moth. Pairing scuzzy riffs with a scuttling back beat with sudden almost conversational verses that switch into a singalong chorus, that recreates the joy of bursting free of self doubt and watches it spiral into a crescendo (“I’m a moth / Can anyone see? What a pretty butterfly I could have been).

Upon hearing this lyric, I had to look up whether moths could become butterflies. And this BBC article says “Butterflies are considered to have evolved from moths, originally existing as the diurnal – or daytime – equivalent of moths. The colourful butterflies we see evolved much later after flowering plants came into existence.”

Huh you lean somethung new every day, well the song is an empowering quirky delight anyway.

Emerging from a tower block in Moscow, attempting to understand her new surroundings, stealing a guitar and breaking into a show.

She says: “I’m a Moth!! follows the dream of a Moth who wants to be a Rockstar! We shot the video in Moscow, but I don’t speak any Russian so communication was a little bit difficult. It was also really hard finding a concert that would let us film inside, because of all the COVID restrictions. Our Lucky Star was [Russian duo] IC3PEAK, they let us film during their concert and the guy you see me punching in the last scene was actually their opening act Zavet! That was the final scene we needed!”

Raised between a small village in Germany and the metropolis of Chengdu, China LIA LIA currently resides in Berlin and despite only releasing a handful of tracks that surf the boundaries of alt-pop she has built up a dedicated following.

Her forthcoming EP has something for everyone, from punchy numbers to softer more experimental touches.

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