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Welsh indie punks Panic Shack are a breath of fresh air.  Full of energy and colour the 4-piece have already grabbed some attention with previous singles ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?‘, ‘Jiu Jits You‘ and ‘I Don’t Really Like It‘. Comprised of Sarah Harvey (vocals), Meg Fretwell (guitar/backing vocals), Romi Lawrence (guitar/backing vocals), Em Smith (bass) and Ed Barker (drums), the band were officially formed in late 2018 as an affront to how music can feel like a ‘members-only club’ at the best of times, a phallocracy at the worst.

They have now released a new single and bring news of their debut EP.  I had a chat to find out more….

Welcome Panic Shack!  Good to meet you.  Can you tell us a little about how you got together?Sooo we all became friends through living and working in Cardiff but the catalyst for starting Panic Shack was Greenman 2018.  We’d spoken about starting a band a lot over the previous year but after going to the festival and watching all the other artists on stage it just made us feel like we had to be up there too.  We had our first practice in megs spare room the month after we got back with a bunch of shitty acoustic guitars and it all went from there really.Congratulations on ‘Mannequin Man’.  I love its frenetic energy and even though the video was produced during lockdown its perfect for the song.  I believe it was filmed back in March 2021.  Has it been a frustrating couple of years, or have you been able to be keep creative?Correct!  It’s been frustrating having to sit on something for so long when you just want to release it into the world but every band around the globe I’m sure feels the same way.  I think at the start when we didn’t realise we had another two long years ahead of us we were quite positive and creative, trying to make the best of a bad situation though as time went on that dwindled slightly.  BUT now that gigs are going ahead and we’re allowed back out into the world those creative juices are flowing and we got loads of bangerz ready and lined up for ya.

The debut EP Baby Shack is set for release 8 April on Brace Yourself Records.   What is your song-writing process and what do you take inspiration from? So our songs normally start from a silly remark that one of us might make or from a situation where one of us is pissed off, then we all kind of hype each other up and start shouting shit into a voice memo on our phones.  The inspiration for our songs can come from anywhere and everywhere so be nice to us or we’ll be writing one about you next.What gigs have you planned for 2022?   Am I right in saying you formed towards the end of 2018, so did you play gigs before the pandemic?We only played a handful of gigs before the pandemic so we FEEL like a new band but in actuality we’re old hags now haha.  So far 2022 is looking like a lot of fun gig wise, we’re going on tour with Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard and we’re also playing Radio 6’s music festival which is being held in Cardiff this year.  You’ll have plenty of other chances to see us too but you’ll have to wait to find out.If I looked in your fridge right now what would I find.
My fridge is pretty dire at the minute, I’ve got a mouldy cucumber in the salad drawer, half a litre of oat milk and enough condiments to sink a ship – Em

I’ve got Covid at the minute so there’s nothing in my fridge except some mouldy salad and 5 half empty bottles of mayo – Rom

My fridge contents are basically the same just condiments and questionable veg – Saz

Can’t get hold of Meg to find out what’s in her fridge but you can always guarantee she’s got some buds in there. Peace out love The Shack xxx

‘Mannequin Man’ is out now and debut EP Baby Shack is set for release on 8 April via Brace Yourself Records.
For more information on Panic Shack check out their facebook and bandcamp.

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Credit: Panic Shack

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