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James and the Cold Gun – False Hope EP

False Start James And The Cold Gun

After numerous singles, James and the Cold Gun‘s debut EP ‘False Hope‘ is finally here. And not only do South Wales’ loudest band live up to their reputation, but they also just turned up the volume a notch.

Comprised of James Joseph and James Biss, the pair have been writing together for a little while now, having moved in together just prior to the beginning of the pandemic. Their ethos is simple, to hone in on their rock and roll roots, whilst delivering some absolutely monumental noise.

The new EP is the perfect embodiment of their ethos, the EP features five songs, 3 of which were released prior, that all culminate in a truly rock and roll feeling record. The opener, ‘Seven‘ features a slightly gentle opening, before a bombardment of riffs, drums, and the gritty lyrics that follow, echo viciously across the track. As an opener, it serves firstly as a statement track and secondly as a warning. This record is alive, kicking and screaming as it plays, it’s made to spill pints to in sweaty rooms. And if that’s not your cup of tea? To shut the door behind you as you leave, because in James and the Cold Gun’s world, there’s no room for hesitation, or patience for complacency.

The second track ‘Around the Bend‘ continues the fast-paced raucous noise previously seen on the first track, and refuses to let up. With its screechy entrance, a catchy riff, and an even catchier hook. The song also features an incredible guitar solo that sees the display of some of Biss’ prowess with a guitar in hand, a key feature for the noise making masterminds. Overall, the song is the sheer definition of a headbanger, and once you’ve listened to it once, you won’t want to stop, a sentiment echoed in the lyrics: “Tell me why, why, why, all the good things should have to end“.

Plug Me in‘ comes in third on the track listing for this EP. Thematically, wrestles with a heartbreaking emotional disconnect, seen in lyrics like “My heart’s in a trap/Now everything’s cut and run“, and an underlying lust for something more hot and heavy, illustrated by lyrics like “I wanna feel something/Turn me on” as well as “Oh let’s go/I wanna take you down the rabbit hole“. The song also sees Joseph’s vocals reach a ferocity that is somewhat feral, apt for the nature of the track then.

Last month’s single ‘It’s Mutual’ also discusses heartbreak to an extent, within lyrics such as “and I said it’d be alright, but things are never that simple” and “It’s mutual, to fall apart in the end“, the agony of the end of a relationship rings loud and clear over the fuzz and beating drums. In an ironic way the vocal duties are also mutually shared, with Biss duetting with Joseph throughout the duration of the track.

The final track of the EP ‘Long Way Home’  is everything you could possibly expect from the signing off track of a James and the Cold Gun record, with a beautifully prominent bass riff, and rough and ready vocals that become throat-scratching as Joseph’s vocals descend into chaos just prior to the concluding chorus of the song and of the EP.

Overall, it feels like this EP places James and the Cold Gun at the precipice of Rock and Roll greatness, and with a headline UK tour beginning on the 28th April in St. Albans, its about time that South Wales’ loudest band showed the rest of the UK just what sort of noise they’re making.


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