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Buzzcocks – Senses Out Of Control (Cherry Red)

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Buzzcocks return with new EP Senses Out Of Control on April 29th, 3 years after the passing of frontman Pete Shelley. Guitarist and vocalist Steve Diggle ensures the band keeps their flag flying. With live performances put on ice when Covid hit, the band busied themselves writing a brand new studio album (to be unveiled in the summer).

With three new songs written by Steve, the band continues with drummer Danny Farrant, guitarist Mani Perazzoli and bassist Chris Remington on this EP which embodies the angst and power of punk. Diggle picks up the story as he sings “…All the gods are looking down, on my senses out of control. All my dreams have hit the ground, with my senses out of control…”, this number comprises a memorable hook and Perazzoli’s rollercoaster-ride guitar.
Continuing with ‘Carnival of Illusion’, starting with Farrant’s solid drum pattern, they introduce the vocal “Dead, dead, living dead…”, leaving me wondering exactly where this is going. As I pick up the story “… cancel culture, cancelled out my mind…”, perhaps it’s a reference to today’s social media. But before I have time to consider, another un-B-side, B-side is served, and this is perhaps a little easier to decipher.

As Steve recounts the words Oh Heaven loves you, Heaven loves you…” and  Never stood a chance in life, you were always on your own. Then you tried to make conform and the punk rock broke the mould…”, it becomes clear that this might be autobiographical and as these words are told again, this short verse-chorus-verse is burned into my memory.

With the thought of that new album sent to tempt us. Buzzcocks return to the live stage on April 30th, performing at The Parish, in Huddersfield and continuing with a handful of UK dates throughout the summer.


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