Land of Rap - June 2022

Land of Rap – July 2022

Blue City CDF‘s latest release ‘Anamnesis’ practically narrates mine and so many other 90s baby’s childhoods. With fellow Bard Picasso stablemate Risk1 providing a solid backdrop for Jay Rede and Formal Brown to paint their picture, it will be instantly recognisable to those of us that are in the range of 30. Littered with references from Saturday morning cartoons all the way to park bench p*ss-ups, the trio have crafted something of a time capsule here. I do want to highlight both the MCs individual cuts on this too as they both manage to pull at some heartstrings: Formal recounts the birth and early years of his son’s life whilst Jay gives us a touching tribute to his late father. If you’re a sensitive soul like me, grab a tissue for these two.

Po Griff’s form over the last year has been phenomenal. His latest single ‘Elluvaboi’ continues that run. Menacing production from fellow Winger Records head Brainzaps with Po’s lazy drawl in the first half making way for a second verse that holds up a dark and dusty mirror to the good times that Blue City reminisce about on their record.

Marino’s ‘Cardiff to Vetch Fields’ sees the Swansea team with frequent collaborator Sertee for a much more somber, introspective effort than those before it. Often speaking his truths, it hits even harder over the tones and melodies Sertee provides here. We had ‘Lost Tapes’ drop on Soundcloud this month too, and with the sounds that were present throughout that THEN this, a fleshed out project from Marino would be an interesting listen right now.

Deyah returned with ‘Suffa’, kicked off with tribal drums and a chant of “we no go suffa”. A product it seems of the times we live in, her delivery is as ferocious as ever on this one as are the bars over the fluctuating production. Some stunning visuals accompany this one too, check those here:

Luke RV and L E M F R E C K closed out the month of June with ‘LONG TERM PARKING’ and ‘Red Hot’ respectively. We hear Luke where I find him to be at his best: at odds with himself. That’s a weird statement I know, yet Luke’s self doubt and second guesses have often been the topic on my most replayed tracks of his and it’s no different here. Lem’ meanwhile ramps up the anticipation for his upcoming ‘Blood Sweat Fears’ project. A complete 180 to the introduction video he gave us for his new music which featured softly spoken lyrics backed by a calm, soothing instrumental and visuals, Lem’ is gritty here with a hostile verse flexing over some signature production with an additional verse from MacOsare. All signs point to another tremendously versatile release with the level of artistry leapfrogging what’s come before coming from the Newport native.

So much more that could be talked about: northern lad RV-T returned with ‘It Ain’t Gucci’, M.Yesekaon continues to be one of the most hardworking in the country with ANOTHER project in ‘Incoherent Reflections in a Tape Machine’, Juice Menace kept her momentum going with new track ‘Wake Up Call’…best thing to do is check out this playlist here for the releases from rappers across Wales to Spotify in the month of June!

Land of Rap - June 2022

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