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Land of Rap – August 2023

With the globe celebrating 50 years of hip-hop this month there were bound to be some surprise drops to mark the occasion. I’m happy to say that one of those “out of nowhere” releases came from Wales as Mudmowth linked up with DJ Jaffa for new track ‘Digging for Dreams’. Conversations I have with folks who are well versed in the history of rap in Wales often have Mud cited as one of the best MCs that the country has produced. His back catalogue is certainly evidence of that and this fresh release is a welcome addition. A new album ‘Kokoro’ is on the way too so watch out for that! 

On to another staple of Welsh rap music Mr Phormula released ‘A.W.D.L. (Artist with Dual Language)’, exhibiting throughout the new album what the title says. As effortless as ever with his bilingual rhymes and stacked with heavy features from fellow welshman 3hree 8ight and legendary MCs from across the pond Guilty Simpson and Akil the MC, the North Walian is ageing like fine wine and coupling the new music with his live sets he is still very much a top attraction that you must see if you get chance. 

Staying with albums that are worth your time there are Traxx’s solo debut ‘Sporting Peaceand KINGKHAN’s ‘Happy to be Here’. Minas lending his hand to Traxx’s project was always going to result in quality with the pair showcasing their abilities in their respective fields to put together a solid listen from start to finish. KINGKHAN’s many talents are all on full display on his project too as he snaps between attitude laced bars and melancholic melodies. Brilliant from both. 

One more project to mention this month is the trio of Dom, Lloyd and Dontheprod and their EP ‘Galwad’. Providing Welsh language rap for the new generation alongside the likes of Sage Todz (who is featured on the project with Mali Haf also making an appearance) it’s no wonder these guys get the response they do at live shows. Honestly, check out this clip of their show at Tafwyl. Quality. 

Lets run through some singles and videos quick: Local’s sampling of Strike’s ‘U Sure Do’ on ‘Penny Slots’ makes every bit of sense you think it would with his signature style being broken up with the original’s iconic hook. Ever-reliable for a banger, this should definitely make it into your summer playlists. 

One of the most improved young artists in the south is MS. Vocal about his own progression his latest release ‘Garra Garra’ highlights how far the youngster has come in a short space of time. Having recently found himself on the bill of a Shutdown Show lineup too the future’s bright for this one. 

I became so used to having new M.Yesekaon hit my inbox every month last year that his absence this year has definitely been felt on my behalf. He’s back though and is operating as frequently as he was 2022. A couple of new drops in the last few weeks, ‘Ain’t Seen You For A Minute (Beautiful Dreamer)’ being a personal favourite. 

Other notable releases this last month include Celo’s new video on P110, Phorecite’s 11th studio album releasing, Unity and Missy linking for ‘Stormy Weather’ and the collaborative album from Rollo and Risk1. Oh, and Mace the Great and Sage Todz with ‘Welcome to Wales’…just watch it. For more of the latest rap releases and more from across Wales check out this playlist here: https://bit.ly/FFRESWALES

God is in the TV Land of Rap Header 2 1

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