Tracks of the Week #191

Tracks of the Week #191

If you haven’t melted into a Terminator T-1000 pool of metalic gloop, then lie in a dark room, with a cold compress on your face, and a vat of water on a drip, chill the fuck out and listen to this superb weeks Tracks of the Week.

Ade – Opposites

One of the joys of reviewing music is coming across gems from artists I have no knowledge of.  New York singer-songwriter and producer Ade has released new single ‘Opposites’ recorded for Kitsuné’s Singles series.  It’s one such gem.  What an exhilarating combination of buzzing dance rhythms, babbling synths and vocals so crystal clear you can hear every word.  I have to admit I was bopping in my chair as I had to listen to this over and over.  The funky keyboard section with its “all right now” lyric in the background just makes you want to move.  And then quick as a flash its back to a bobbing synth beat.  The whole is an electronic joy.

Lyrically ‘Opposites’ is highlighting the complications of navigating love, lust and friendship in the algorithmic age.  As Ade further explains:

“’Opposites’ came about as a dance track experiment.  I had a lot of fun making ‘Another Weekend’ from my first record, I wanted to go a little deeper down the rabbit hole and see what else I could find.  Once I laid the vocal sample in the chorus, the story felt very clear — what do you do when you’re falling for someone who your friends think is trouble?”

Innovator Ade combines technological advancement and an eclectic range of personal influences to create his music.  His debut album Midnight Pizza was released in 2021 and I will be going back and taking a listen.  You may want to do the same. (Julia Mason)

She’s in Parties – I Follow You

Why we love it: She’s In Parties today share their second single, ‘I Follow You’, a glistening and glimmering track that surfs the lines between gaze and jangle and with a insidious quality that seeks to escape from reality. The band is made up of 20-year-old Irish-born Katie Dillon (vocals/guitar), alongside her friends Herbie Wiseman (guitar), Matt Carman (drums), and Charlie Johnson (bass). Dillon’s dulcet vocals are on the edge of lovelorn and obsessed and sinister. There’s a fine line between obsession and stalking, elements of The Cure or the Cranberries float through this bittersweet earworm.

Something must have happened in the writing process for the song to take a turn.” Katie explains, “When the song started I must have been in a clearer state of mind as compared to the second half of the song, as it’s far happier and brighter lyrically/melodically. However

when it came to writing the next verse and it came out much darker/scarier, I think it must have been because things were happening in my life that weren’t so great, so subconsciously I was writing about it as these words spilled out of my brain and into the song. When you hear the song it takes a darker turn in the pre-chorus, as many stories, books and films, they all have a twist or a fall leading to the climax, as does this song. It’s almost like a story in itself, at least I want it to be seen that way. By those last choruses the “character” picks themselves back up again.” (Bill Cummings)

Venus Grrrls – Violet State of Mind

Leeds’ rock group VENUS GRRRLS are back with their riotous new single ‘Violet State of Mind’, the band’s first release since their 2021 EP Potions.  It should have come with the simple instructions -Play Loud.  This really is a riot with the opening bassline and heavy guitar riff created an immediate magnetic pull.  The lead vocals are strong, powerful and at one point even has a mid-note key change which is truly astonishing.  Anthemic in scale yet edgy, raw and dancefloor friendly all rolled into one track.

The band explain further on the inspiration for the track:“’Violet State of Mind’ is the anthem to your hot girl summer, be it spending time with your best mates in the sun or falling in love with yourself and/or someone else.  We want this song to be on your get ready playlists and allow you to reach into those inner deities that we know you are.”

VENUS GRRRLS are a tenacious group of rockers advocating for respect of women in the music industry.  They play Kendal Calling plus a main stage slot at sold out Truck Festival.  Live I just know Venus Grrrls will continue the riot. (Julia Mason)

Victoria Canal – Pity Season

Why we love it: Victoria Canal’s gorgeously wistful new single ‘pity season’ is a moment of heart stopping brevity. Lifted from forthcoming new EP Elegy, out Friday 16th September via Parlophone Records. Canal’s brittle and breathy tone set against a singular acoustic guitar strum, gives it a intimate and heart stopping quality as kid tries to process the foreboding potential loss of a parent. Exquisite.

“They’re all at the dinner table and the song is told from the kid’s perspective,” Victoria explains. “It’s their perspective of ‘what the hell is going on?’ as they try to make sense of a terrible situation.”

Part of the song also sees the son exploring how he measures up next to his father. “It’s that fear of a loss of identity when the son wonders ‘How can I be like you, measure up to you, if you’re not around for me to observe and follow your lead?’” Victoria says,“The song eventually sees the parent assuming the strong role: they are there for their child once more.” (Bill Cummings)

Gilla Band – Eight Fivers

Influential Irish band Gilla Band have released new single ‘Eight Fivers’ from their third album Most Normal set for release in October via Rough Trade Records.   It was self-produced, and was recorded and mixed by the band’s bassist, Daniel Fox.  What a glorious racket Gilla Band make, and this is no exception.  The Dublin 4-piece produce noise that is both challenging and gripping.  The animated video was directed by Mortis Studio and is a fun and sensory packed representation of ‘Eight Fivers’“I spent all my money on shit clothes” sings Dara Keily.

Speaking about the new track, he said in a statement: 

“‘Eight Fivers’ is about being out of touch with modern circumstances while feeling socially limited.  Never fitting in and kind of proud of it. Stuck with what I have and happy for it. Being grateful and not fashionable, self-conscious and too aware of what is lacking. Accepting that jealousy has played a big role in my life but trying not to feed into it.”

Gilla Band last released an album in 2019 with The Talkies under their previous name Girl Band, and a live album Live At Vicar Street followed in 2020.  It’s good to have them back. (Julia Mason)

Nina Nastasia – This Is Love

Why We Love It: Returning after a 12 year hiatus with what she describes as her first solo album, Nina Nastasia‘s Riderless Horse is out this Friday (22 July) via Temporary Residence Ltd with vinyl to follow on 4 November. It is the American songwriter’s first release since her sixth record Outlaster came out in 2010 and the first record not produced by Kennan Gudjonsson. Nastasia had quit music as a result of the psychological abuse she had endured from Gudjonsson, her partner of 25 years. He killed himself on 27th January 2020, the day after she had left him. In a recent interview in The Guardian newspaper Nina Nastasia said, “I think he did it (took his own life) for my survival, and for the pain to just stop for him.”

Explaining the genesis of Riderless Horse, Nina Nastasia says: “Terrible things happen. These were some terrible things. So, what to do – learn something valuable, connect with people, move the fuck out of that apartment, remember the humor, find the humor, tell the truth, and make a record. I made a record.”

And it is out of that profound misery, tragedy, trauma, and grief that Riderless Horse was born.  ‘This Is Love’, the fourth track on the forthcoming album is a bleak, austere song, filled with indelible pain and it makes for an incredibly difficult listen. But if you do so you will be rewarded time and time again by its unflinching honesty. It is certainly good to have Nina Nastasia back. (Simon Godley)

Been Stellar – Manhattan Youth

Brooklyn based Been Stellar’s new track ‘Manhattan Youth’ continues their run of extraordinary singles ahead of their forthcoming self-titled debut EP, released via So Young Records on August 12.  They have an ability to create such soaring, emotive songs, full of heart-wrenching power.

‘Manhattan Youth’ immediately grabs with reverbing guitar, pounding drums and a shouted vocal which altogether produces a track with perhaps more zest and edge than previous tracks.  The electric guitar chord is so captivating mid-track, and the vocals continue to get more and more powerful and perhaps agitated as the song progresses, before finishing as it started with that reverbing guitar and pounding drums.

Lyrically, it’s inspired by the romanticised version of New York, which is not the reality.  Been Stellar further explain:

“’Manhattan Youth’ ponders the ways in which the city shapes a child’s worldview.  In many ways, this song is a reaction to the typical ode to romantic New York.  When living in a place like New York, one is subjected to disturbing, saddening, and gruesome scenes regularly.  This reality is especially true for children growing up in the city.

Musically, the song started with a looping drum pattern Laila came up with.  At the time we were experimenting with sounds and rhythms that felt outside of our usual pallet, like Talking Heads and Jorge Ben Jor.   For a long time we thought of the song as an instrumental jam, but began to lean into the poppiness of the track as it developed.”

Been Stellar are currently out on the road playing a full UK tour.  I’ll see you down the front. (Julia Mason)

Tracks of the Week #191

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