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Tracks of the Week #278

Happy Monday everyone. I do like Mondays. Tell me why? Well, this particular Monday anyway. I’ll let you all guess (Hint: it’s one of the tracks below). 2024 has been pretty darn tootin’ good for albums and singles and it’s just gotten a whole lot better. All the below are thigh slappers. Listen, stream, pre-order, buy a gig ticket, buy a t-shirt. Enjoy!!

Deadletter – Mother

Why we love it: DEADLETTER share new single ‘Mother’, the latest track to be taken from their forthcoming debut album Hysterical Strength set for release on 13 September via SO Recordings.  Following lead single ‘Mere Mortal’, ‘Mother’ is a very different sound for the 6-piece.  To date their singles have been frenetic affairs, whereas ‘Mother’ takes a calmer, more measured approach.  It suits the band well with the saxophone of Poppy Richler providing the emotional tug to complement the vocal of Zac Lawrence.   And here the lyrics are stunningly beautiful:
“Protect at all costs, consider all the repercussions last.
Spilling out of conscience is a rather sturdy force.
Wrapping up and keeping tight, arthritis couldn’t loosen grip.
If trying to topple this then you will come out – worse.”

Lead singer Zac Lawrence shares the following:“’Mother’ takes direct inspiration from the Bong Joon Ho film of the same name, but also hones in on the wider idea of motherhood, and the lengths that a mother will go to for their child.” The philosophy that underpins DEADLETTER, and their debut album Hysterical Strength can be condensed to: “The world is brutal but there are cherry trees in blossom.”  The album promises to take inspiration from the contradictions of modern life.  And with the band heading out on the biggest headline tour to date from October there will be plenty of opportunity to, as they repeat in ‘Mother’:

“Now just forget it all and dance.” (Julia Mason)

Desperate Journalist – Unsympathetic Part 1 & 2

Why we love it: because it’s Desperate Journalist. There was never any doubt. They have the midas touch. They’re incapable of writing anything less than solid fucking gold. But this time IT’S GOT SYNTHS. In fact, to begin with, besides the usual tight and vital rhythm section of Caz’s metronomic drums and Simon’s mesmeric bass, only synth dapples and dances across the verses, with Jo’s unmistakable vocals, in a lower range to begin, creating an eerie atmosphere. The echoes when she soars give this the feel of the opening track from their second LP, ‘Hollow’, the genius lies in the simplicity, again. Rob adds the stark guitar flourishes, never overstated, subtlety is key. Part 2 is an instrumental, running away from the first, it whips up it’s evening dress and rushes off into the night.

The lyrics seem to be about someone vulnerable, lonely and isolated. They feel they’re there to be judged by the unsympathetic voice, the devil on the shoulder.

This is the first single from their new LP, their fifth, No Hero, out on 27th September on Fierce Panda.

Nü Cros – DLAW

Why we love it: Glasgow’s noise-driven punk outfit Nü Cros, have released their new single ‘DLAW’.   It’s a blistering track, fueled by a fierce disdain for the deafening silence that shields predators in the music industry.  Beginning with an enticingly quiet beat and the thin static line of the guitar, the vocal kicks in, providing a narrative spouted by those who abuse their positions of perceived power.  However this band have a point to make with ‘DLAW’, and they blast it out – crystal clear. Nü Cros stands in solidarity with the victims of such assaults and challenges the social acceptance of such forms of masculinity.  It’s a hardcore response, completely appropriate given the theme.  The fury and rage is palpable, the expletive laden track is an assault on the senses and has a number of sections which are literally goosebumps inducing.  Not many male bands would tackle the subject matter.  ‘DLAW’ demands accountability, literally screams for it from the rooftops accompanied by thrashing thunderous drums and screeching guitars.

The band, comprising vocalist and guitarist Kevin O’Brien, drummer Jude McWilliams, bassist David Murray, and guitarist Dylan Stewart, have stated:  “We want to grow with our fans and create a space for them to know they are not alone in their struggles.”

Having already supported acts like DITZ and Bandit Country, they are confirmed at Glasgow’s Core Festival on 2 August, set to play alongside bands such as Gilla Band and Show Me The Body.   With an EP out later in the year this won’t be the last we hear of Nü Cros. (Julia Mason)

She’s in Parties – Puppet Show

Why we love it: Essex-based four piece She’s In Parties are back with their first single of the year ‘Puppet Show via Submarine Cat Records. With a carousel of korgi synths redolent of the ones Gary Numan used early on, yet this is a more uplifting and invigorating trick, with flourishing guitars and bounding percussion, it has more in common with Kate Bush, The Cure at their poppiest or early Marina and the Diamonds. This commentary on overwhelming societal expectations surrounding image and performance, is breathed into life by an extraordinarily dramatic and playful vocal from singer Katie she stretches notes wonderfully as it tumbles into a catchy chorus.. The single comes alongside the announcement of their second EP Puppet Show out 25th October. Produced by Stephen Street (The Cranberries & The Smiths), the EP sees the band explore their love for 80s music with quirky synth riffs and experimental guitar sounds.

The song’s main inspiration was sparked from a stressful dream about losing teeth at a drastic rate in a more than unfavourable situation. “My teeth were decaying and falling out and I knew I had to go on stage and perform, which was absolutely terrifying.” Katie shares. “The song was written around this narrative, with me having to “smile” and perform, whilst also delving into a psychological battle.”  (Bill Cummings)

Lila Zing – Ripple

Why we love it: Lila Zing, is singer-songwriter and producer from Wales and her new single is paddles in neo soul, decorated in swooping flutes and given footing by clip clopping beats, topped with Zing’s exquisite vocals that are as soft and velvety and as comforting as the sinking into a bed of feathers with a silk blanket. Summery, evocative and conjuring images of the waves on the beach lapping as the sun goes down, it’s a meditation on self discovery and flow. The follow up to the delicate French pop sound of her last single, it shows another face to this very promising artist.

She says: ‘Ripple’ encourages a deep connection with oneself, using the metaphor of the ocean and its waves to explore themes of emotional release and self-discovery. Surrendering to life’s flow can bring solace. The repetition of “Ripple in the ocean, feel the emotion” highlights the naturalness of experiencing and processing emotions, while the refrain “already free” emphasises the liberation that comes from being true to oneself. Song produced by Yogic who has worked with artists such as ENNY and Aaron May.”

After recently supporting Carwyn Ellis in Swansea on his tour, Lila is making waves with her experimental and eclectic sound, which transcends genre boundaries to delve into the realm of emotion. All of Lila’s songs are tuned to a 432Hz frequency. In January she participated in a studio session, recording two songs for Georgia Ruth’s Programme on BBC Radio Cymru. Additionally, she has been awarded the Horizons Launchpad fund by BBC Wales Cymru and Arts Council Wales. (Bill Cummings)

Sasha Assad – Imagine Mary

Why we love it: because it’s another brilliant slightly wonky, slightly melancholic, but very infectious single from Sasha Assad. Her lyrics are brilliantly descriptive and incredibly honest, this starts with a description of being ill which suits the cadence of the pop infused bop. She describes inventing a girlfriend, how she would rather stay in with her, and goes through their attributes (she plays bass in the band) but how the person she is inventing “might be the one”.

As with previous single ‘Bad Nature’ that came from the EP Tearstick, the melody and tune is irresistible, a guaranteed sing-a-long, and nailed on earworm.

She says “Ever fallen in love with someone who doesn’t exist? Neither have I, but with ‘Imagine Mary’ you’ll think you did! Yes I’ve written another love song – and it’s getting pretty scary” (Jim Auton)

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