Flossing - World of Mirth (Brace Yourself Records) 2
Credit: Flossing

Flossing – World of Mirth (Brace Yourself Records)

Flossing release their second EP World of Mirth on 26 August via Brace Yourself Records. The project of enigmatic and provocative New Yorker Heather Elle, it follows on from last year’s debut Queen of the Mall.

Opener ‘Men on the Menu’ has a shimmering synth vibe with beats throughout and a breath-taking solo from Brooklyn saxophonist Kate Mohanty which adds an unexpected layer of sound. 

Elle has also come out as queer, and states: “I’m finally detangling myself from the compulsive hetero regime that’s fooled me, failed me, and f*cked me.” Lyrically Elle draws on her personal experience.  She has encountered microaggressions, manipulations, and blatant misogyny and incorporates this into the track:

“Acting like he’s a gift from God
Providing me with a once-in-a-lifetime job
Overlookin’, undercookin’, overreachin’, leachin’, over-preachin’.”

The ’Men on the Menu’ references the dehumanising effects of dating and delivery apps, mixing up the two scenarios which demonstrates just how bizarre our online world has become:

“Fastest, distance, relevance, recommended
These are the men on the menu.”

All We Are’ is an energizing electronic fizzing track. Switching between distorted and whispering vocals before shouting forth in the chorus. There is a sense that creating this track has been a cathartic process. It speaks of recognising unhealthy situations and yet, having to remember being ourselves is absolutely good enough. The lyrics speak volumes:

“Smile on stage
Institutions you obey
You’re part of the pride
Pushing your eyelids down your eyes”

Heart of Hearts’  is an impassioned breakup song.  It sees the more vulnerable side of Flossing, attempting to process a major breakup amid chaos and change.

The human condition is such that relationships can lead to great joy but also heartbreak.  Here Flossing is openly exposing the difficulties of moving on from a breakup, and as such is giving us a song full of honesty and emotion, as well as demonstrating their vocal versatility.

The music video is just so clever, using the bleak industrial footage from a pasta factory cut in with highly-polished shots of pasta dishes.  This is to illustrate how the cold and complex workings of a relationship can be hidden by creating an upfront image that all’s well, glossing over any potential difficulties.

Sonically ‘Side Eye Life’ is chaotic, clanking and industrial with its thumping beats and vocals which demonstrate Elle’s range. Lyrically the themes are perhaps the comparisons we make with those around us, thus influencing how we think our lives should be. This is of course unhealthy and can be destructive, putting undue pressure on ourselves.

“It’s a never ending side eye life.”
“I dreamt of a backdrop, fast and unfocused”

Flossing is a talented artist whose creative output continues to intrigue, entertain and educate – a thrilling combination. With their creativity and artistic process driven by the often tedious and uncomfortable excavation of self, nonetheless for the listener we can rejoice as it produces such evocative, honest, questioning and yet still spine-tingling music such as on World of Mirth.

EP World of Mirth is set for release on Brace Yourself Records on 26 August.

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