EXCLUSIVE: Enjoyable Listens 'Dead Frozen' Video Premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Enjoyable Listens ‘Dead Frozen’ Video Premiere

God Is In The TV has the honour to bring you the exclusive premiere of the video for the brand new Enjoyable Listens single ‘Dead Frozen’ which was released last Thursday, 10th November, on Fierce Panda.

The video has all the tongue-in-cheek wit and humour you find in the lyrics of Enjoyable Listens aka Luke Duffett, as he appears to stalk erstwhile band member, collaborator and bassist Jimbo.

Our moustachioed hero, is seen hiding in a less than convincing manner outside possibly an old branch of Dixons, as Jimbo, looking resplendent in copious beard, appears to be waiting for someone. He follows him in plain sight and is finally rumbled when only a matter of metres behind him. Crestfallen, it is unclear whether Luke has kidnapped Jimbo but it switches to an interior where Jimbo is unimpressed and uninterested in Luke’s attempts at entertainment, even when he beats him handsomely in an arm wrestle.

The track is suitably lush and expansive and sexy as ever, with Luke’s trademark Rick Astley-esque croon having the ability to make pants drop across the country. It’s as engorging as always.

Luke describes the treatment thusly, “An epitaph that mulls over the long gone, rose tinted, bitterly blue January mornings of yesteryear. What does a tree mean? What truth does the sky embody? What exactly do Enjoyable Listens mean in the beguiling chorus of ‘Dead Frozen’, as it revolves around your mind like a carousel composed exclusively of sweet, sweet eidolons? This song is a 3 minute and 36 second, ambitiously romantic vignette that does its best to paint the memory of a time that never was.”

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